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Reflection on the Essence and Importance of Progressive Era

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The progressive era was a time of wanting to improve life within the industrial age, by taking different actions within society. For instance, during this time there was a focus on building up society. They wanted to transition political and social personas to further improve government activity. While also, having a common interest in limiting businesses, and a hankering for improvement in democracy and the strength of social justice. To understand how they established this during the progressive era one must understand not only the origin of this matter but also the motives during this time.

Origin means the basis, the root of something, to begin looking into the origin one needs to under who and why. To begin, the progressive movement consisted of generally middle-class people within the United States, such as doctors, ministers, lawyers, etc…morally like your white-collar people. These people were morally taking on the task in the progressive era because they had the responsibility and strong guidance of multiple contributors. When I use to the word responsibility am using it in a looser stance as in kind of like a role model of society.

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During this time in the early 1890s, President Roosevelt being a middle-class reformer as well achieved a national momentum because of his dedication to change for this era, with Wilson and Traft along his side. Together Roosevelt and Taft were able to advocate on the square deal, meat inspection, and pure food and drug act. At this time, the square deal was a policy to promote an equal relationship amongst the companies and workers. Subsequently, the meat inspection act ensured that there was a standard of sanitation in meatpacking operations. Also, the pure food and drug act opposed to mislabeled foods and drugs. However, while obtaining all this President Wilson was able to create a regulation in the central banking system with the Federal Reserve Act, which presented a national banking system with 12 districts, and each had its own personal Federal Reserve Bank.

Understanding the who now helps emphasize the motives on exactly why the progressive era went this way and with these contributors. Although, as a society, there was awareness of the changes occurring around them within the country. The nation was coming more mixed in an ethnicity sense and income gaps were transitioning even creating a surprise within middle-class Americans. How the changes came about they have reveled in things like the women’s suffrage movement and muckrakers. The women's suffrage movement was a fight for women to an equal opportunity at the same rights as compared to a man. Muckrakers were writers who were dedicated to reveling the uncovered misconduct within the politics and business realm. Altogether, as a society, they wanted to create a restraint on the powers of local political machines and essentially maintain an honest an efficient government.

All in all, the progressive era involved the people, many contributors to improve society. With a focus on ending corruption within politics, overlooking the government's control, eliminating trust, and also any forms of any monopolies.

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