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Reflection on Whether Ned Kelly Made the World a Better Place

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Ned Kelly had a belief for social inequality. He wanted to stand up for his right by giving more to the less fortunate by taking less from the rich. When Ned had been more known to Australia, people knew about his rights. Half of the general public who knew about Ned had believed that he was a good person as he was taking care and spreading the word of his political concerns, which made them think that he had made a better world. There is more towards Ned rights, as the other half of the general public who knew about Ned didn't think he made a better world as he was known for being a gang member, took the lives of hostages, stole from people, stole horses and assaulting people, but Ned was privy to his crimes and knew what how he wanted to commit more crimes for his rights as he knew he was more known to the police. The evidence points to Ned Kelly not making a better world.

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At a young age Ned had always been involved with crime with his relatives and close friends. In 1869 when Ned had his first arrest when he was 14 years old when he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Chinese man. A year later when Ned was still young, he was a suspected accomplice of a bushranger Harry power who wanted to become a famous bushranger coming from Ireland to Australia. Both Ned and Harry’s charges were dismissed, but this is when Ned had caught the eye of the police. In october 1870 Ned was arrested for assaulting a travelling salesman, Jeremiah Mcormack. Ned was only 16 years old at the time, and had gotten three months of hard labour on each charge and was released five weeks early, returning back to Greta. The Kelly family was always against the police even before any of their kids started to do anything bad. Ned's mother Ellen had always stated that her family were victims of police persecution, but this is when her kids had started to grow up and organise their crimes.

There is a lot of evidence pointing to how Ned did not make a better world. He did not make a better world as he stole animals, killed policemen, assaulted many people and took hostages, and many Australians are very against these things Ned has done. In June 1880 Ned and his gang members had held 70 people hostage at Glenrowan Inn. Ned had apparently victimised the poor and had shot Constable Fitzpatrick as he said that Fitzpatrick was getting too friendly with Ned's sister. Fitzpatrick had apparently written a report that was accurate which made Ned's mother get sent to prison for three years.

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