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Reflection on Why the Pioneers Do Not Deserve a Statue to Commemorate Them

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I am against having a statue to commemorate the pioneers, since they did more bad than good to North America. The pioneers did horrific things to Native Americans like forcing them off their land, and murdering nearly almost all of the tribes. The greed of pioneers led much suffering for Native Americans, who were left nearly nothing. The pioneers did built the United States into what it is today, but at the cost of ripping land of people who were born there and even murdering them to get it. You may not fully see eye to eye with me because you also believe pioneers suffered too, in order to achieve a better life, than in Europe. While that is true, there is a difference between sharing land with Native Americans who were born on North American land, than forcing them off because you are greedy and want to expand your area of food resources. Consequently I believe, pioneers manipulated and robbed Native Americans of their homes, land, and food resources.

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The pioneers manipulated the Native Americans into signing a contract to give up their land in return for their freedom. For example, the 1830 Indian Removal Act was created to remove the Cherokee Tribe off the lands of the East of the Mississippi River and relocate them to present day Oklahoma. This soon became known as the Trail of Tears because approximately 15,000 Native Americans were forced to walk more than 1,200 miles to the Indian Territory. On that trail, 4,000 Native Americans perished of exhaustion, disease, or hunger. I believe pioneers manipulated the Native Americans by making them believe their new land would have the same resources and telling them they would not have to deal with white settlers bothering them, but in reality many were taken to colder locations that they were not familiar with, and with not many food resources, resulting in more deaths. So when there is talk of building a statue to commemorate the ‘hard work’ or ‘struggles’ of pioneers, I take offense because Native Americans suffered more than they did and are barely recognized in our country. I do not agree with your reasoning because I found it very hypocritical when you stated to never forget the ‘hardships’ pioneers endured, when Native Americans suffered more hardships, like having their people being murdered by settlers to obtain more land to fulfill their greedy ambitions. I am aware that settlers suffered hardships as well in surviving on foreign land with very resources, but you are portraying the settlers into some heroes that did everything themselves. When in reality many Native Americans helped settlers find food that was edible and taught them how to plant and harvest food they were unfamiliar with, but pioneers still repaid them by stealing their land and murdering Native Tribes. You also emphasize the idea that, ‘what great endeavor in American history has ever been achieved with great pain?”, but are not considerate of the fact that Native Americans did not gain anything, while settlers did. Native Americans have only very little land today, and have to deal with the possibility that their history may be erased from the lack of population.

In conclusion, I am against a statue or monument that commemorates pioneers since they are heavily celebrated, while Native Americans are barely recognized for all the horrific things they’ve endured thanks to settlers.

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