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Reflections on Meaning and Purpose of Life

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The inanimate thing that gives meaning to my life and what makes me wake up every morning to do my tasks are my goals in life. The bliss of becoming a career woman who is financially and emotionally stable and could provide for herself has been my long-term goal. That gave meaning to my life and that what made me strive to be the better version of myself compared to yesterday. By aspiring to be a strong, independent woman, I define myself as someone who is not settling for less and knows what I want in several aspects of life. It gives my life meaning by being aspirant.

Another thing that gives meaning to my life are the ups and down that I've encountered in the past, the challenges that I'm currently facing, and the future trials that I am about to face. In short, attaining achievements. By experiencing hard work, I know that something good will eventually happen in the future. I live by the saying of 'No pain, no gain' and I do believe that nothing comes free. There are things that I need to work hard for first, even if it costs me the things I cherish most.

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Currently, what I can say about my purpose in life is that it is highly-attainable and it should be taken seriously. Our creator gave us this amazing gift which is called life. For me, my purpose in life is to spread love, to obey the Lord, to survive life challenges by overcoming problems/trials, and to become the best version of myself by learning from my mistakes and by achieving my life goals. I believe that in order for me to get somewhere, I need to define first what's my end goal. If my directions are unclear, it will be hard for me to reach my destination. My purpose also is to establish a good relationship not just with our creator, not just with my family, but also with the other people in my community. What I really love to do is to help the needy ones.

As each day we wake up, we have a single thing in our minds. May it be what would be our first action or should we get up as soon as we open our eyes, there will always be one thought that would drive us to do a certain action. But what if this thought isn't what drives us on a daily basis but gives identity to who we are. Having a purpose doesn't come at once, it isn't a feeling but a call for a need of something. I'm molding myself to serve my purpose, and by doing so, I know that I'm doing my activities to the extent of my ability and capabilities.

The most amazing thing during the process of finding the purpose of my life is as I grow, I realize and learn so much things in life. Life is truly beautiful and meaningful. Indeed, a gift that we should all cherish.

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