Reflections on Personal and Academic Achievements after High School

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Throughout my high school career I have made a lot of achievements, and faced challenges I thought I couldn’t overcome. I have made great progress in school and in my personal life. I have also overcome challenges. I know these things that I have accomplished and overcome will help me move forward in my future.

The achievements I have made are both personal and academic achievements. In band my clarinet choir made it to state, and I recieved a 2 on my solo I performed last year. With personal achievements I have countless of hours in community service. I have volunteered at Polka Days since 7th grade. Another community service event I do is the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary play. I have done the play every year since freshman year. I have also participated in two walks that raised money for charities or local organizations. The first walk that I took part in was a walk for making strides against breast cancer. I did this walk because my Mom, and Grandma both fought and battled breast cancer, and I wanted to help others who struggle through it and their family. The second walk I took part in was the walk for wildlife. I participated in this walk because I show a passion for animals. Proceeds went to the wildlife sanctuary to help sick and injured animals. These have taught me how to take pride in my community, and in myself.

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Challenges came my way giving me a horrible time, but I have always fought my way through them. Life hasn’t always been easy, which is expected in everyone’s life. I have lost close family members. After losing these close family members I thought that i would never recover. I have realized they will always be there. When I lost my Grandma Greene to lung cancer I thought I wouldn’t cope with it. I went to school, and I could not focus anymore, I even started to shut my friends out because losing her made everyday a challenge. One day at school I went to the math pod to take a math test that I had to make up, and I became so stressed and overwhelmed with everything going on. I thought of my grandma, instead of feeling sad, I felt her presence with me watching over me and helping me. Ever since that day I always know the family members I thought I lost continue their presence in my life. This will help me in the future because I know with their help I can accomplish anything.

The achievements I have accomplished, and the challenges I faced were necessary to bring me where I am now. Helping others is the only way to complete life, and I have already helped a lot and I am willing to help even more. I know these achievements and challenges will help me pursue my dreams in college and the future. I think that River Falls is the right place for me to make achievements and conquer challenges to come.

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