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Reflections on the Minimum Wage and Its Increase

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Minimum wages are meant to help workers and prevent business from exploiting employees. One thing I learned from minimum wage is raising minimum wage can do a lot more than putting money in the back pocket of hard workers it can help workers in many ways such as paying bills in time and other stuff from minimum wage rising can change the life of many people’s life.

There are many types of minimum wage laws that set forth the lowest hourly wage an employer may get paid or how the employee performs work gets paid.

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Although minimum wage laws are fairly comprehensive in many coverages must provide exemptions. From Looking at many articles and looking at how society really is we learned that about a bill increasing the current minimum wage is greatly needed, and our government officials should demand a raise due to the increase in the cost of living as if it isn’t any longer realistic. One thing we learned is we need higher paying wages for all, middle- and lower-class income levels. Without some sort of help and support from our government, the economy will only get worse for many middle- and lower-class people. Students without getting the money they need for the minimum income they will not be able to afford the cost of school and living. Not only students won’t be able to afford things, but also single-family households will not be able to support themselves. Some argue that if an increase in minimum wage is passed businesses will raise the prices of goods and services to help compensate the cost of pay raises. Well, the cost of goods and services is already on an increase due to the high cost of many things such as gas-oil, and yet we are still getting paid the same price as we see in this society.

One thing we learned in this world is that many people are having to cut spending in other areas so that they can pay bills, and feed their families, which in turn is hurting the economy because people do not have the extra money to buy extra things like they need to enjoy themselves like, going out to the movies, or going out to eat at Chili’s. But because of minimum wage, many people are opting to stay home, watch cable and cook from home. If a minimum wage was an increased the economy will improve, people will have more money to spend, and the morale among low-income workers will improve. More people will seek jobs, which will help the unemployment percent decrease. People also argue that the minimum wage jobs are for teenagers, so that they can earn money to help cover the cost of school, and if a minimum wage is not for school, then who is minimum wage really for if it’s not for students. With the increase of minimum wage is can help many people, but many companies would also not higher more people because of the minimum wage increasing they will lose a lot of money on how many people they higher.

So, what do I think about minimum wage? I feel like it should just stay the same because if it stays the same not a lot of people would be jobless and a lot of people will still have a job and will be getting paid the same amount of money that’s not low or high but just in the middle.

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