Reflections on What Would Have Happened if America had Joined the World War II Earlier

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American, English Japan, China, German and many countries joined WWII, one of the biggest wars in the world. The fact is fascism was defeated, and the war ranged from Europe to Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, involving 61 countries and regions, more than 2 billion people, and an area of 22 million square kilometre.

America as one of the powerful countries of antifascism made big progress in this war, and maybe without America the fascist could not be defeated. But what will happen if American join this war earlier? Will German exit the war as soon as American join the war? Will Pearl Harbor incident happen again if America joined World War II earlier? What will happen to American if American joined the war earlier?

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First, German will not exit the World War II if American joined the war earlier. According to ‘Cause and Effect: The Outbreak of World War II’ the unbalanced treaty of Versailles forced a crippling peace on Germany to end the First World War. Through this material, if American joined the war earlier the German will not exit the war because the history of the item in the ending of World War I period Hitler and most of angry German at that time don’t want to exit the war. Many Germans viewed the lopsided terms of the treaty as unnecessarily punitive and profoundly pashameful. Hitler’s account of the German defeat not only offered a clear set of villains but a distinct path back to national honor by pursuing its former military glory. Hitler wants to through the war to give their country thrive, and also angry people want to join the war to clear up this history of humanilition, so German would not exit the war even if American get in the way, because they have already made their decision.

Also, they were already prepared for a long time for this war. The World War II start at 1936, but German were already begun to prepare for the war in 3 years ago before the war started, through this evidence we can know that German will not exit the war if America joined the war earlier because if they exit the war, the great effort they made for the World War II become useless.

In addition, mistakes in German philosophy also indicate German will not exit the war if American joined the war earlier. Their ideology, reflecting a perverse and distorted version of the beliefs advanced by the German philosopher Nietzsche, developed a moral code where strength was admirable and that might was always right. The main point in Nietzsche’s book is wars can make everything holy, and Nietzsche’s thought is also Hitler’s thought, so he often directly apply Nietzsche’s words. Hitler believes war can make a country thrive and at the same time Nietzsche state who start the war and bring thrive to people is super hero. What Nietzsche states is also what Hitler thought about at that time, so he believes the super hero is him. In other way, Nietsche’s state and his philosophy believes gives Hitler a big confidence of starting World War II.

One of the reasons why Japan caused Pearl Harbor incident is America restricts its raw material exports (especially petroleum) to Japan thus a confrontation with Japan. At that time Japan was attacking China and Phlilppine to rob the material and explore, making itself much more powerful.But without petroleum from foreign its fleets can not move at all. Attack on Pearl Harbor The U.S. finally ceased oil exports to Japan in July 1941. Because of this decision, Japan proceeded with plans to take the oil-rich Dutch East Indies. On August 17, Roosevelt warned Japan that America was prepared to take opposing steps if 'neighboring countries' were attacked. America ceased the oil exporting to Japan, getting in the way of Japan getting oil, and then Japan caused Pearl Harbor incident because they don’t want America stops them to rab material. This incident is a plan for Japan to hold in play of America and have enough time to get oil If America joined the war earlier, Japan will lose the oil and material support from America earlier, also they will attack the neighbor of America, America will get in the way of Japan rabs materials, too. America could not avoid this this incident because only in this way Japan can get enough material for the war. Secondly, when Japan becoming more and more powerful, America is in a more and more risk position. The Japanese believe that their nation is superior to all others and that it has a special mission to dominate and rule the rest of mankind. Japan wants to control the whole world, so closer they from their goal, more dangerous America is. America will not let this thing happen, so it will become a problem to Japan anyway, and this incident will happen no matter how.

Then, about America itself there are some disadvantages and advantage if America joined the war earlier. More people will die in World War II. According to Military history of the United States during World War II During the war some 16 million Americans served in the United States Armed Forces, with 405,399 killed in action and 671,278 wounded. If American joined the war earlier there will be more soldiers die in the war because the fact of the war is people died, fighting against enemy the war field. When America joined the war in 1941, hostile countries of America had already become weaker, taking Italy for example Military history of Italy during World War II summarize: over 1,247 people dead or missing and over 2,631 wounded when Italy occupied French territory. If America joined the war earlier the hostile countries of America was not as weak as it joined the war, and it is harder for America to defeat them, so more American will die in the war.

Secondly, America will not be as thrive as now if it joined the war earlier. If America joined the war earlier, it is impossible for America to sell the weapon and material to German and Japan, also other hostile countries. If America joined the war earlier break the fence-sitter position with other countries, and it is impossible for America to sell the material to them. Also the war caused people, and there will be few people doing production, because they need more people in the war than America joined the war in 1941 and their economy could not thrive so quickly, too. Then, war causes a lot of money and production, and America’s economy could not thrive so quickly, too. After the influence in America itself, there must be some influence in the world. America fight against fascism, but also their is China and some other countries which in the same side with America. If America joined the war earlier as the first paragraph that I say, America will become very weak after the war and maybe it will be in the same position with China and other countries which against fascism and easy to be attacked by other countries which don’t want to lose this chance to take America’s place, and another war will begin, and America will not be the powerful country as today.

In conclude, if American join World War II earlier, German will not exit the war, Pearl Harbor incident will still happen, and America will not thrive as percent and America will in the same statue with China and other antifacism countries, but the relationship between America and that antifacism countries will become stronger. The point of the paper is letting readers know how to analyze one thing in different aspects, and combine readers’ own knowledge to the fact of the events to get the special, and own understanding of the events.

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