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Reflections on Whether Elderly People Should Be Put in Nursing Homes

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Old age is an inevitable and irreversible process. In general, the old age is a period of regression to physical, mental and cognitive function. The most important problem of old age is the loss of communication with the environment and society. Therefore, nursing homes were established to meet the needs of the elderly people. So elderly people are placed to nursing home because need to be care and loneliness, their family’s difficulties for care. But nursing homes are not good enough.

First of all, elderly people are afraid of loneliness. For this reason they want to go nursing home. Because there are lots of friend for elderly people. They are not alone.They have friend for talking every time.For talking, play something or watching tv. After that they do not prefer to be alone because they cannot live on their own. When they are alone they have more psychological trauma. For example they do not have anyone to make their voice heard in an emergency. There is no one to take care of them. Elderly people need care. The care is so important. They should be taken a bath carefully, they should be taken medicine in time and they should eat healthy food. Accordingly, elderly people should not be alone and their care should be done well. If you look at these reasons, nursing homes are a suitable place for the elderly people.

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Secondly, old people’s family may also experience difficulty. Because they can go out unnoticed, they can get lost out there; even worse, it could be a bad thing for him outside. Above all, he may lose consciousness. So their family’s , elderly people’s daughter or son, can not find him/her. It is difficult for both sides. Patience is very important for their families. Because elderly people usually act unconsciously, they can get upset. For example an old man who is addicted to bed can’t fulfill his own needs. Their family’s have difficulty in. So elderly people should be put in nursing home.

Last but not least, some nursing homes are not good enough for elderly people. So 62% of the elderly in nursing homes are at risk for depression. For this reason, psychological counseling and guidance services for the elderly in the nursing home should be improved, depression screening should be done. On the other hand, lack of adequate financial support to nursing homes, lack of adequate personnel – those who love their job- and socio-cultural diversity are shows nursing homes disabilities. Taking the elderly people away from the their home, causes diseases like Alzheimer’s. Loneliness and stress can also cause chronic diseases. Especially the place of the healthy elderly is not the nursing homes , but the home of peaceful life. For example, a Turkish film called the ”Beyaz Melek” describes how bad the nursing homes. The film showed that a paralyzed woman was beaten and was taken a wrong medicine. Even the worst care is better than the nursing homes.

In conclusion, according to the study, 20% of the reasons for settling in the elderly were lonely, 17% of them had no one to take care of. They are lonely and they need friends. If they live in nursing homes they have new friends and they are not bored. But in contrast nursing homes are not good. There is a lot of problems there. For the elderly people, social activities should be organised that can stimulate their interest and enable them to participate according to their educational status. Psychological support should be provided to the elderly people, health education and stress management programs should be applied to the elderly accompanied by the health workers. The most important psycho-social problems in old age are lonely at the beginning, interest, love need, sharing and being together. If nursing homes are developed and necessary controls are provided, they may be suitable for the elderly people. Of course, if elderly people’s family wants to look elderly people, there is no need for nursing homes. That way, they are happy and they are together with their families.

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