Reflections on Whether Hard Work Always Equals Success

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Over the pass of time, many people were whining about their work and benefit. They said they could work 8 hours long but they could never really succeed remaining stuck in the same position during years or maybe during a lifetime. Well, I will argue that the key to success does not only depends on hard work but on luck, constance, perseverance and contacts.

To start with, luck is a very important point to one’s success however one thing doesn’t replace the other. People can’t have luck without working hard because after the hard work and giving the best of them, in the wait for the results is where luck comes in to play its role. Everyone can work hard that is why people have to lead to influence luck. You influence your luck when you show up in places that are luckier, when you spendtime with people who are luckier, when you learn ideas that produce luck, when you get crystal clear on your vision and when you begin having lucky conversations. Given the choice of talking to someone who’s convinced there are no opportunities out there, or talking to someone who’s enthusing about an exciting future, I’d talk to the person with an inspired outlook. It’s luckier. I have shown you that luck is really on people’s hands, and its ready to help if it is seek rightfully.

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Secondly, another attribute that influences success is constancy and perseverance. Route to success can be carved only with a genuine purpose and with that purpose people can stay faithful to their objectives and therefore succeed. Success is a muddled road with various ups and downs, and you should navigate it with care. You might fall or get lost in your way. However, if you keep going, you will eventually reach your destination. That idea of keep fighting knowing that the purpose is worth it even though it may not result at the first shot, that is perseverance and constancy. For example, Albert Einstein, who did not start well in life ended up being one of the most important people in history because he believed in his ideas and did not give up.

Lastly, having contacts may help hugely in one’s development and success. People achieve much faster their career goals putting their selves out in the marketplace and meet prospective partners/employers. If people want to make a connection with a new contact, especially a very busy one, the quickest way is to arouse that person's curiosity with something unexpected. That doesn't mean you should only reach out to contacts or do things for them when you expect something in return. You can't operate with the thought of reciprocity in mind. Be generous and people will return the favor eventually. Also, contacts can lead you to expanding your ideas and share with new people that can be really helpful in the development of one’s purpose.

Taking everything into account, we can clearly see that hard work is not the only thing needed to achieve something in life. Success is reach through many different efforts and work techniques such as luck, constancy, perseverance and contacts.

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