Reflections on Whether Retirement at 65 Should Be Compulsory

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Many countries have their alternative ways of evaluating their workers. Basing on the country’s laws and policies, some have set the age of sixty years whereas others set the age of sixty-five years because the retirement age for public servants. an honest example is that the Asian and European countries with the retirement ages as sixty and sixty-five years severally.

Since the thought of the health standing of a person stands to be the premise for my argument. Then the simplest retirement age stands to be sixty-five years and will be created obligatory for any employee. This is often as a result of the individual has begun to age therefore complications like stress has begun to rise. The individual is visaged by a myriad of health complications such pains and aches that reduces the standard of service delivery.

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Also, this age is appropriate thus on enable the freshly freshmen and ladies from schools and people aspiring for the use opportunities to induce an opportunity (Bokum & Bartelings, 2009). If this is often corrected at this stage, then the economy of the country is simply sustained thanks to equality in financial gain distribution across the ages. Besides, the age provides the worker an opportunity to own time for interaction with the family. This results from outlay a lot of his/her time on job and nation building. However, a personal retiring at this age is old and may still work higher if given an opportunity. In keeping with Emily (2011), creating this age obligatory for retirement could render several organizations with less old employees.

Many employers believe that employees who are sixty years and older, aren't any longer productive in their job. Additionally, they'll impose danger not solely to themselves however conjointly towards their colleagues. However, this could not be the case and it's not a permissible reason to deny workers' rights. If safety measures are properly determined, it's sure that accidents would be avoided. Moreover, if management observes that a worker is not any longer capable of doing his task, they will be very tempted to send the employee into an improvement set up or delegate the person to an edge wherever he might be more economical. As an example, if a supervisor notices their worker is simply too recent to drive, the person ought to be transferred to a designation that is lesser at risk of danger like a document controller. Aside from the facet of productivity at work, individuals conjointly tend to urge additional sensitive once they reach seniority. They do not need to be dependent to their kids. Moreover, neither do they need to be a burden to their families. Most senior need to feel their presence is appreciated, particularly at the last stages of their lives. Thus, they must not be bereft of this sense.

In conclusion, the benefits of constructing this age an obligatory retirement age out ways that the disadvantages. Therefore, sixty-five years old ought to be created obligatory for retirement. Personally, I suppose that retirement ought to be a voluntary alternative and authorities or employers ought to be there to assist the requirements of staff for them to continue their jobs, rather than discouraging them. An individual is deemed to be happier and glad if he retires in his own can.

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