Reflections on Whether There Should Be a Mandatory Retirement Age

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Do you ever wonder when is the best time to retire from work? Can you envision yourself sitting in a rocking chair, having idle time and reflecting since the day you were born? Mandatory retirement for workers over the age of 65 is ideal in today’s society. A law that enforces a mandatory retirement will help today’s generation and many more to come in the near future because as workers pass the age of 65, they become no longer physically and mentally capable, their knowledge becomes outdated and they take up most of the jobs causing unemployment.

It is a well-known fact as a person’s age increases, they become no longer physically capable of doing their job. Employees over the age of 65, will have a greater chance of being plagued by many different health problems. As a result, these employees will require to take days off work due to injuries or sickness absence. Jobs that require employees to possess different kinds of skills: precision, hand-steady movements, working under pressure, etc. Clearly, these skills will disappear as a worker’s age increases. Those who have jobs such as surgeons, judges, military personnel, etc. they consequently are endangering not only their lives but the lives around them. These jobs are too dangerous and require high levels of physical and mental skill for a feeble mind and a degrading body.

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Aside from being unable to withstand the difficulties of a job. As every aspect of the world steadily changes, the knowledge of people over the age of 65 becomes obsolete. Today, we live in a society where technology is a constant necessity in our daily lives. With technology becoming more advanced in today’s modern world, older employees who have particular jobs such as doctors, surgeons, and military personnel fall behind by not having the knowledge to work this new technological equipment. In addition, teachers are also not benefitting students due to teaching methods being taught which has become outdated. This results in, students not having the opportunity to attend university or have trouble finding a good job in the near-future. As a person age increases, they become more incompetent since they are unable to willingly adapt to current work flow situations since they rely on their knowledge based off the past. This result in poor decision making and also becoming a potential danger to themselves and others.

In Canada, the number of available jobs at any given time is limited for anyone. Some people may disagree with the idea of a mandatory retirement and may say that they need to continue working in order to have money for retirement since the government’s pension plans are not enough to support them during retirement. However, if aging employees are allowed to work as long as they want, adolescents will face a series of unemployment. A fixed mandatory age will provide vacant job positions, allowing young workers to fill in available positions as older works retire. After all, younger workers are much more productive than aged workers. Newer employees will be able to contribute more ideas to a company and inject new life and passion into the workforce. Older workers with decades of experience will demand for far higher salaries. This will ultimately decrease a younger workers salary resulting in an increase in the labor market because companies will have to release some of the young workers or reduce their salary in order to pay older workers without having their company lose profits.

A law that enforces a worker to leave the workforce will protect these workers from their jobs that are physically and mentally demanding. Young adults should not have to deal with useless knowledge as our everyday lives evolve. People that are still working over the age of 65 will create unequal opportunities for young workers, forcing them to remain unemployed while those employees are allowed to continue working, earning high salaries, allowing young workers to suffer in-debt when they could be making a huge impact on society. Retirement should be compulsory at the age of 65, a world with young employees running the workforce will create opportunities for many more generations to come.

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