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Reflections on Whether Video Games Affect People Badly

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First video game which is ‘Tennis for Two’ made in 1958. Humankind invent first video games 62 years ago and still create a new video games. For this time video games become more popular and create a new topic, which is ‘Does video games affect people badly’.


With video games industry expansion a lot of game category created, one of them is violent games. There is concern among parents which is children who play violent video games. Children may copy acts from video games. Research gives that 97% of American teenagers play video games and 90% of children prefer violent to non-violent games. In another research shows us person which has aggressive behavior prefers to play more aggressive games. However, consume aggressive games may cause of more aggressive behavior. Scientists used two group to find the truth. One group plays violent games other group plays non violent games. Both groups are not affected in a short time of playing video games. Then, aggressive behavior was observed in the first group. It seems video games don’t affect everyone except people which playing long term video games.


In America 26% of adults suffer from depression. Statistics seem like getting worse in the future. A lot of people try to find a new ways to get rid of this annoying condition. Psychologist Brian Smith discovered people which play video games became more energetic, confident and emotionally positive. Video games effect two parts of their brain. One of the part of brain processes goals and motivation. The other part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. While depressed person brain become shrink. Video games can stop shrinking. Some depressed people may see video games an escape from reality. These people use video games to escape their problems instead of fix them.

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The world of online games has growing. Liam Hackett build a charity which is working on anti-bullying. They discover 57% of the children had experienced bullying in online video games. 22% of children had stopped playing a game as a result. Dr. Sally Black said: “Griefers trap a victim and they will attack the victim through the game”, in an interview. Bailey Mitchell one of the victims of cyberbullying. He is playing online games since the age of 10. Mitchell has received death threats. He says: “Now, when I get message I don’t care. But when I was 10 years old why someone they being mean to me?’. Scientist also found that 47% of people said they had been bullying in online game, 29% of people said bullying did not affect their enjoyment.


With the growing popularity of video games, many parents ask one question. Does video games affect their children’s education. Report from 2010, shows video games can hurt schoolwork. The Guardian report show us there is a positive links between educational achievement and video games in 2016. Scientists make their research with longer perspective. PsycNET researchers used 3,554 teens for two years. Scientists tracked reading, math ability and gaming habits. In Father’s reports, subject which plays eight hours a day makes a little negative impact on grades. With conclusion video games didn’t actually affect children’s core ability.

Mass Shootings

Video games are played all over the world specially South Korea and Japan which is lowest crime rates in the world but mass shootings are a specifically American problem. In 2017 Pew study found that 65% of adults believed video games cause to gun violence. Nancy Darling says “Violent people enjoy violent entertainment, and those games may make them more violent”. But what people think doesn’t match with studies. Harvard University (2015) and Western Michigan University (2016) found a connection between video games and violence were very weak. Oxford researchers used 1,000 teens to rate aggressiveness based on which games played and for how long. Research found that playing video games doesn’t make teenagers aggressive.



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