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Reflections on Why American Expansion Was Unjustified

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In the American Constitution, the foundation of the country, it states that a person has the right to believe what they choose. The essence of the constitution was to protect those who chose to believe something different than the minorities. So, for Americans to impose their way of life onto people who were on their own land is unconstitutional. I feel that the American Expansion was unjustified both domestically and internationally because Americans forced their religion and culture on the Native Americans who were stripped of their own land. In addition, the natives were peaceful and did not deserve the hardships that were given to them by the Americans.

In one of the Americans first encounters with the Natives, Lewis and Clark met Sacajawea. She helped them guide through the ‘new world’ and wanted no harm to her people or the Americans. Sacajawea is most famous for her knowledge that she contributed to helping with American expansion. She once said, “Everything I do is for my people” (Thaxton). This quote from Sacajawea supports my claim as it shows that she only wanted to help the Americans and her being a leader of her people means that her people shared this feeling. She had an idea of living in peace and harmony, but when the culture of the Americans was forced upon the natives, this idea was shattered. Sacajawea was key in domestic American expansion, yet because of some poor decisions, this expansion was still unfair and unjust.

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When American Expansion was first set into way, one of the main goals was to better control the continent of North America and to have a greater military. These were good goals because it would help the US become a better country in all aspects. The intent was not exactly what we know today. Thomas Jefferson wanted to make the US a better country, as one should, but while attempting to do this, he hurt others that were on the land: the natives. This idea supports my claim because while expanding the territory, the US unrightfully took land and forced their culture upon free people. Although the ideas behind the expansion were not all that immoral, the actions they used to execute this plan were. However, these ideas contribute to our life today and are key to the US we know today.

As you can see, this expansion was an overall fail, but it was essential for the future of this country. The present day US would be drastically different if the explorers of the expansion had made the ̈right and proper 'decisions'. Just as previously stated, I feel that American Expansion was unjustified both domestically and internationally because the land was unrightfully taken and the American culture was forced upon them. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if the people of the American Expansion had not been so unfair. I wonder if we would have all of these problems, this discrimination or the social contructs that we do. But what can we do but focus on now and do what we can for the future and the future generations.

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