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Reflective Essay on Analysis of The Black Lives Matter Homepage

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The purpose of the Black Lives Matter website is to campaign to seek justice and working vigorously for freedom for Black people and by extension, all people to have. The Black lives matter Campaign also strives for freedom and world acceptance of Black lives matter, regardless of actual or supposed sexual identity, gender identity, gender representation, economic status, religious disbeliefs, disability, immigration status, ability, or location and police brutality. The organisation bases the website on their mission statement ’We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. Our network centres those who have been marginalized within Black liberation movements. We are working for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise. We affirm our humanity, our contributions to this society, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression. The call for Black lives to matter is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation’.

The BLM targets is reduce the number of black people who are killed in racially charged situations and from the very beginning was to connect Black people from all over the world who have a shared desire for justice to act together in their communities.

The reader is encouraged to act on the campaign for BLM by “DONATE” or you can read under the words “TAKE ACTION” and you can take action by joining the global movement by signing up. As well taking action you can donate or become a member, however you also could help by buying a shirt with the words BLM on it or looking under “Help by Sharing” or “Follow BLMs” on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their logo has the words “Black Lives Matter” in black to support that and indicate to Black Lives that they really do matter, and this is for them, as well there’s three bold yellow lines under BLM or can the background for the letters of BLM, the yellow is bold, strong, militant, and carries strength and tone. This shows that we all need to come together and take appropriate action. I am confronted with photos and videos discussing and show the issue at hand, all while being promoted to “TAKE ACTION”. I feel I should take action on this issue, but there was so much that I was not aware of, I feel ashamed and guilty. Though when reading on, I have a sense of support in the way of the number of people the campaign has coming together, it is empowering to know so many people are fighting for justice. It is a long-standing organisation and they will fight to achieve the justice and freedom for the black lives and are proud of the accomplishments they had made during the years although they will continue till they get the right justice for the Black Lives. As someone that has a white privilege it makes me feel honoured to be able in ways to help and support black lives.

The website is tidy and clear, accessible even. It is easy to navigate with a darker picture running across the top with highlights their options to read about such as News, About, Program, Global Actions, Watch + Listen and shop in white letters. They also have three bold words in yellow that are other options that are What Matters, Take Action and Resources. In a box of a bright blue which against the dark background draws the attention to the Donate button. Here I may give a donation there options to give a donation of from 25 to 1,000 or other box to choose your ideal amount, once you choose it takes you to payment where you can choose to pay monthly or a one-off donation, which make this step very simple and easy. Back on the home page I can click and scroll down and read on how to take action and the achievement there making and many more options it offers to look at including visual options such as the videos they make. This has an impression that there really dedicated to supporting and help fight along with the black people, as well having facts and views backed up with pictures, stats, and people power.

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The overall construction of the website is well created, the significance on “Black Live Matter” throughout the website brings a feeling of importance, bold statement, power, and that it feels true and right. The obligation to help in anyway is always shown and you are reminded on every page. There is a strong present example for future progress in winning the campaign, the use of dot points to support the work already achieved adds to the feeling of wanting to get involved. As you cross through tabs Watch and listen and What Matters, you come across facts which are backed up by videos of black people themselves explain what it like and what they strive to accomplish and photos and hyperlinks to the murder stats of black lives, which supports the statements being made. The legitimacy of the site which you are urged to only deepen the reliability of the site, while the use of pictures and videos outstanding here where you are witness to people talking about the issues and brutality they receive from police just form the colour of their skin, even videos and pictures of police killing and being to rough and not caring, seeing police lean on their neck as they beg for breath, it instantly brings anger, sadness, shame and what can we do to stop this, this the most powerful form of text they used. Once viewing the whole site the essential voice from this site screaming “Lives Matter” campaign for justice for black lives, donate, sign up or sign a petition all really persuade somebody to take action, they have addressed the right and wrong , this makes people aware of the injustices that the coloured people suffer, including what the damaged this has caused, it also provides many ways you can get involved and help out, the website makes people feel helpful and honoured to defend the black lives and fight for the justices they deserve instead and making the world more aware. The website lets you know that together we can make a difference so it makes you want to help out cause more the better and more people will hear.

To compare both logos from Black Lives Matter and the Amnesty International websites, they are about standing up for something and doing the right thing, and what there all about can be found in their mission statements of both Amnesty and BLM website. BLM has their donate tab standing out in a different colour in the same way Amnesty has done to its donate tab, both promoting an eye-catching colour. They also both have a “TAKE ACTION” button across the top of the page. Just like the Amnesty website, the BLM give a powerful intro to their organisation letting you know they want your attention. The Amnesty advocates for human rights, where the BLM alike advocates for the Black lives, all the things with out a voice and fighting the government. Just like BLM the Amnesty also works across social media platforms.

Amnesty International is a long-standing organisation which started in 1961 to defend human rights all around the world. Their message is clear, with a well-knowledgeable website where you can find an array of information on the most up to date topics. It is easy to join and even easier to donate. It all stands up for people with out a voice and this website gives them a voice to be heard. The BLM also has a well-standing organisation which started 8 years ago, they stand up against the government on the issue relating to the Black Lives, they have a message up front that is clear and you don’t have to look for what there about, and signing up is easy and so is the Donate function, it’s all straight up and forward functions.

The Black Lives Matter homepage feels calm and I am tempted to watch the videos as instead of being drowned and only little bit moved with the words seeing the videos of them talking and see how it affects and destroys some lives I see the emotions and fear in there voices and it plays with my feelings and can take time to take in the information, compared to the Amnesty homepage, I feel rushed and distressed and overwhelmed, as to much is going on at one time, there so much pictures cluttered all over the place my mind doesn’t know where to go first and it gives me and overwhelming feel, while the BLM is neat and goes from one thing to the other when im ready to move on the next video or picture. Which lets me see what I want to know. The donation button for BLM is a nice lighter but dominate blue almost tempting me click it. However the donate button on the Amnesty site is yellow which blends in as most of the site is yellow based. Compared with BLM the Amnesty sites guide tabs have an overhelming choice of topics to choose to click on. The two sites are different in the sense you may scroll a little down the BLM, and then straight off I know who they and whats happen and how BLM is helping get justice and do the right thing. All the lastest information on progress with the campaign are easily accessible, compared to having to scroll a far way down the Amnesty page to find out about what they do.

From my point of view, I believe the Black Lives Matter has achived it aim better, however I think that Amnesty International still has conveyed a its point. The Amnesty International does have 8 million supporters and members, so there not wrong but, the website is confusing and opposing for someone who only knows little about these issues happening, there are too many options to choose from so I got a little overwhelmed and I got lost within the site, and had no idea what I even was spouse to be doing. Where when looking at the Black Lives Matter campaign, I found it easy to navigate were the things I what to know or even needed to know about, it still had the same big problems like seeking justice for people, and fighting the government on what’s right, but they had it more simplified process to help, and having the bold letters help me know exactly what I what to see. Where Amnesty lettering was all the same and it got lost in the colour and it got me lost.

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