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Reflective Essay on Easter Wonderland Event

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Working with a group can be challenging and exhilarating but my group members and I worked very well together in completing this project for our presentation as we each came up with enough information during meetings, and we made a WhatsApp group chat in order to keep in contact and get each other’s feedback. Our group consisted of three people and we met up occasionally to visit the venue we planned to analyse and hold the Easter Wonderland event which was the UK Centre for Carnival Arts building in Luton because the building is closer to the university and convenient for us to visit. The meetings we had were productive as we brainstormed ideas about the venue and the sort of event, we were going to plan at the Centre for Carnival Arts which was an Easter event. Roles were assigned and we split the work using the 4 P’s of marketing mix making the Product the UK Centre for Carnival Arts, Price which involved budget and funding handled by Simran (Team leader), Promotion which targets the marketing communication strategies including advertising, marketing promotion and public relations handled by myself (Resource Investigator) and lastly, Place which has to do with how the product is positioned and distributed to potential consumers which Mack (Implementer) took care of. These roles were necessary in order for our presentation to be successful. Although I thought the work was going to be challenging, it was a rewarding experience presenting the work as we applied theories from lectures like the Smart Marketing objectives, Jerome McCarthy 4 P’s of marketing and SWOT analysis. This paper will reflect upon my role as “resource investigator” in the group and the skills developed that are beneficial for me as an individual who plans on pursuing a career in the media industry.

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The presentation I gave focused on the Promotional aspect for our Easter event using the UK Centre for Carnival Arts based on McCarthy 4 P’s of marketing. I did my research on the venue and spoke to the events manager in relation to how they meet their target audience, and if the events on the programme were appropriate because the purpose the building had to meet the centre’s aims. The venue was made to unite, strengthen and inspire the carnival arts sector by increasing the creative industries as well as sustaining the cultural artistic part of Luton. It also forms an understanding of cultural cohesion and social inclusion which helps improves tourism in Luton. I spoke on the audience experience and how the Centre for Carnival Arts attracts and develop its audience through an integrated marketing communications campaign, making a PPC ad campaign (Pay per Click), and advertising our event through newspapers, magazines and different media platforms using our hashtag #EasterWonderland on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. The Easter event we planned for the community involved pop up shops and stalls for hire and I illustrated how Business to Consumer and Business to Business event marketing strategies could be implemented to sell more product or reinforce business relationships for future purposes. Picking the right partners through event marketing partnerships could help boost our brand authority and attract new audiences to our event.

The theories I used had been taught in class, but I had to do my own personal research to fully understand and apply them to my presentation slides. Since I dealt with promotion, I applied the official process to my presentation and showed respect to the laws and regulations of planning an event by filling in an External Promoters Contract which is an essential agreement between the UK Centre for Carnival Arts and the promoters that plan to do events at the venue. I learnt more about promotion and the procedures event managers go through while marketing and planning an event by giving the proposed event, the target audience including age, ticket price, security, a list of DJs’, MC’s and special guests with real names to cross reference and confirm their identity which is important for the safety of guests and venue.

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