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Reflective Essay on Experience of My Study at University

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My name is Tolagay. I am a student and study at EKSTU. I study in the faculty of Information Technologies.I will finish my studies in four years. I will be a certified computer science engineer, that is, a computer specialist. In addition, it is promising. I hope to find an interesting and well-paid job in the future.

My university is a large and old university. It was founded in 1958. More than 12,000 full-time, part-time and evening students study at the university. The University has full-time and distance learning. It has six faculties and is one of the leading technical universities in Kazakhstan. The University is located in the center of the city and is housed in some buildings. The rectorate is located in the main building. In each building, there is a library, a reading room, an auditorium, a sports hall, and a canteen. Each faculty has spacious lecture halls, specialized cabinets, and laboratories. The university has a centre for information technology with access to the Internet, two student homes located not far from the University.

I have no problems with studies yet. In the first year of study, students study general and subject-oriented subjects. In the first semester, I study high maths, maths analysis, computer science, culturology, and PT, English as well and others. Lectures begin at 8 o’clock. My favorite subject is high maths because maths has been my favorite subject since first grade. Firstly, it is an exact science. There are no indulgences for anyone, all the rules are clearly formulated and there are no exceptions to them. Secondly, mathematics is very often awarded to us in life. To solve the most simple everyday problems, we use its rules.I think that if the world lived according to the laws of mathematics, everything would be clear and correct.

Teaching is provided by professors, lecturers and teachers. They give Lectures, conduct seminars, and carry out laboratory work. You study many subjects: Each academic year consists of two semesters. At the end of each semester, students take preliminary examinations and examinations. A lesson at the university consists of two dual academic hours. Usually, I have three or four pairs. I don’t study on weekends. Our classes can be conducted in the form of laboratory work, lectures, seminars or practical exercises. Twice a year we have holidays, in winter and summer. The winter holidays last about two weeks, and the summer holidays last for two months.

The university has contracts with various cities of Germany, China, France, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and etc, and regular student exchanges take place. Students can have internships there, complete their final theses, and make professional and personal contacts.

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At the University there are many compasses: sports, choir, theater circles, foreign languages and computer courses. In the evening you can play football, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. You can sing in the choir, and much more. Student life has its traditions. Competitions are held regularly among the students of the Universities of the city in various sports.

I love my faculty, the teachers who teach us. I love most of the disciplines that we have. It’s interesting for me to study, but it’s difficult because many tasks need to be completed. I think that all this will come useful in the future, so I need to work.

I like to carry out the practice, to carry out assignments on it. Especially, I think, it will be interesting when students are distributed by specialization. Then we will have more specific goals that we want to achieve.

I don’t quite approve of the rating system, because it creates a tense atmosphere in training, especially at the end of the semester. However, it is necessary to study and accept the conditions of the university, too. If you do not focus on the ranking, then the training will become even more interesting.

Good education today means a future, but it is not all you need for a secure future. You have to keep up with time and always learn something new. For example, new technologies, and advanced ideas because life changes quickly. Today you have to be innovative, creative and flexible. This will guarantee better opportunities for the future in today’s competition.

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