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Reflective Essay on Importance of Imagination: Wright Brothers and Isaac Newton

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Creative imagination is an intentional imagination. It involves a process of analysing, processing and combine to generate new, valuable and unique ideas from sensory experience. A person needs to be fully understood the materials and using creative and critical thinking to generate a valuable idea which can benefit the world. Creative imagination is vital to everyone especially philosophers, artists, inventors and leaders (, 2019).

Wright Brothers

There is an example, Wilbur and Orville Wright. They were American inventors of the airplane. In 1903, the Wright brothers brought out the first controllable and powered airplane. They finally invented the practical airplane after two years. Their father, Milton Wright was a bishop in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. He loved his children a lot. He always brought small gifts to children after his preaching. In 1878, Milton Wright brought a small helicopter model for the Wright Brothers. The helicopter model is about a foot long. It made of paper, bamboo, and cork and with a rubber ring to drive its propeller. The two brothers played the toy happily. After breaking it, they tried to make one by themselves. The Wright brothers later recalled that it was this toy that inspired their strong interest in flying ( Editors, 2019).

Before they invented the airplane, the Wright Brothers had dealt with bicycle repair, printing machines, automobiles and other types of machines. This helped them to have a strong foundation theory and affect their critical thinking in problem solving (Tom D. Crouch, 2018).

The invention of airplane benefits the world especially in tourism industry. The Wright Brothers did not only introduce the first powered airplane, yet they also launched the world into the aviation (UKESSAYS, 2018).

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Isaac Newton

Another example is Isaac Newton, an English physicist and mathematician, who discovered motion and gravity. Between 1665 and 1667, Newton came back from school. He sat under an apple tree at his courtyard and thinking about the reason for planet orbiting the sun. At the same time, he saw an apple happened to fall. He began to think: if the apples were ripe, they will fall, but if the apple tree grew taller, will they fall? Then, Newton related the question to the moon and got epiphany from the natural phenomenon of the apple landing, and found the gravitation ( Editors, 2019).

This discovery of gravity helps the world to know that each planet has own gravity. A person will experience different weights when he stays at different planet (NASA Science, 2019).

My Experience

My ability is not as great as the Wright Brothers and Isaac Newton, but I enjoyed the moment that using creative and critical thinking to achieve the task given. I attended a two-day, one-night camp during my secondary 5. I was chosen as a team leader. The camp’s program included performance competition. I wanted to be more creative than others. Because of time constraints, I directly referred to the other people’s dance on the Internet and the opinions of group members. We decided to present a stage play. In discussing our script, everyone was active and continued spoke out new and creative ideas. In the end, we won the competition because of our creative presentation.


All in all, create and imagine are vital in our life. We should not only limit by reality and yet to realize we all have unlimited creativity. A proverb: ‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ Said Pablo Picasso. Everyone has the ability to enter unknown industry and try something new and different. And do not be afraid to make a mistake because we learn from mistakes (K. Ferlic, n.d.)

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