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Reflective Essay on Matthew Arnold's Doctrine of 'The Study of Literature'

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The Study of Poetry is one of the quality works of Matthew Arnold and is taken into consideration one of the quality in English literary complaints. He wrote this essay at a time whilst one-of-a-kind critics have been speaking in opposition to literature. The touchstone approach enables readers to recognize the distinction between proper and terrible literary piece. In this approach, a reader, with a purpose to recognize the great of a literary piece, have to absorb works of amazing writers that are taken into consideration to be masterpieces.

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We have to take few strains from the works of the one after which evaluate them with different writers’ works. It could assist us to recognize which one is ideal and which one is terrible. Many matters may be stated in opposition to and for the touchstone approach. Touchstone’s approach commenced a brand new idea. However, it now no longer benefits a good deal of recognition for we see that current writers test their works. So far, we have got found out Matthew Arnold’s very own doctrine of ‘The Study of Literature.’Now, I discuss five negetive elements of the contact stone method.

  1. First of all, If there may be no complaint some of the writers. And costs from all of the well-known writers are very treasured if we observe him. Then we are able to be withinside the center of a boundary. We will now no longer increase amongst ourselves. And we are able to now no longer be capable of recognizing whether or not there may be any mistake withinside the writing of that poet. As a result, we might in no way get this literary complaint course.
  2. Through Criticism we will enhance literature. Criticism presents a chief position in literature. For instance After the Chaucer of the Middle Ages, no properly writing become posted. None of what becomes posted falls into the class of proper literature. Because there has been no complaint then. They try and replica Chaucer in the entirety they write. They did now no longer criticize any of the writings that brought about him to recognize wherein he becomes incorrect and wherein he becomes right. That is why that point is likewise known as the Dark Age.
  3. Against the touchstone approach, it may be stated that now no longer all of the strains of Homer’s poetry carried amazing weight. If we attempt to jot down like Homer, taking into consideration the regular truth, we are able to now no longer capable of studying whatever is new there. And we cannot capture his incorrect.
  4. Shakespeare has become famous via new literary fashion. The identical element may be stated approximately William Wordsworth. He created a wholly new poetic fashion. It could be tough to evaluate between vintage and new poetic fashion. If we achieve this we might now no longer be capable of admiring the brand new fashion and it’d now no longer be properly for us as well.
  5. If we had taken into consideration the coolest and the terrible from the writings of preceding writers, we might now no longer have determined poets like William Wordsworth, Shakespeare, or some other writer. Then everyone’s fashion of writing poetry could stay identical. I am now no longer possibly thinking approximately this approach.

We now no longer locate novelty in poetry. The Touchstone Method is, ultimately, a systematic and goal manner to a degree how carefully a poet fits up to at least one opinion approximately literary worth. It’s in no manner a systematic or goal method to decide if a poet is properly. By this approach, we will set aside the alive, the vital, the honest from the shoddy, the showy, and the insincere. So, that is all of the negativeness of this approach.

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