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Reflective Essay on My Dreams to Become a Part of the National Honor Society

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My achievements at the academic level are a result of my hard work and effort. Having the ability to be a member of National Honor Society is another step allowing me to achieve success in my future, and increase my chances of becoming a strong leader, giving me the chance to be a powerful role model for other people. By having my GPA of 4.0 all through my freshmen year, and 4.0 after 2 trimesters my sophomore year, I have proven to myself and my teachers that I can be a success and make my dreams come true. One of those dreams is to become a part of the NHS society.

Not only do I study and work hard, I also am active with my school life. I have always had the chance to advance my leadership skills by playing many sports. I have been playing sports since my childhood, giving myself time to grown in those skills. I know that my school is a place where leadership is greatly valued. That allows me to get involved in things, and tend to lead them, like captain of a team or being the student director. As a leader, I get the amazing opportunity to work with a team/group that values my opinions and thoughts to create a plan that everyone agrees with. Some things that a good leader should have that I think that I have are the ability to gain respect and trust from peers, positive attitude, open minded, and being a reliable person. I am constantly ready to help anyone who is needed and have the ability to solve problems. This is all thanks to the experience that I have had in the past.

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All of the skills that I have listed above are always useful, not just at school, but also the community, in which I am active member of. Helping out with VBS, and babysitting kids at Parents and Tots are both great examples of me being an active member in my own community, not just my school community. I personally think that as a member of my community that it is my obligation to help and support anyone that might need it, and to be a great example for others.

I conclude that my skills and capabilities will allow me to contribute to my society, and help me reach my full potential by helping others who need it. Serving as proof, my academic achievements show that both my personal aspects and my dedication would help me develop the personality needed to provide help and meet all expectations of the NHS society to my fullest potential.

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