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Reflective Essay on the Course of Engineering Technical Communication

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Final Reflection Assignment

Engineering technical communication is a course that teaches about developing the overall personality of an engineer. I have learned many professional values during this course by performing various tasks. I faced a problem in the topic of team collaboration in which the professor taught about how to interact with other group mates in a professional environment. I have also encountered many difficulties while doing tasks. Actually, I face a problem when I became a group member with unknown persons. It was very difficult for me to be comfortable with them. It was good to interact with unknown people but that was the first time when I met them. I felt it difficult as I was introverted kind of person. Even when we organized our first meeting, me and my team members faced difficulties to manage a common time for all as everyone was working somewhere. So at that time, I felt so bad.

I started understanding the concept of team collaboration and teamwork when I was assigned class activities with my group members. I even supposed to do group work after class in the university in order to complete our team assignments. Slowly and gradually, I started feeling comfortable with my teammates as at that time I made my mind that working together as a team is necessary in the professional world. I took part in all discussions regarding our team project and presentation. I gave proper suggestions where needed to complete group work accurately. I also scheduled some meetings and even kept a record. I comfortably completed my report and presentation with my group members. I worked according to the values which were taught in class. I made myself better understand the concept of pathos and ethos while making proposals of the project after getting suggestions from my teammates. I learned many constructive skills that will be very useful in my future. So working in a team was my phobia which I overcome have made it my strength.

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I have learnt almost all the skills in the engineering technical communications course but still, I think I am lagging in analytical skills which is one of the basics. I am good at analytical thinking but not perfect. Analytical skill is very important in professional life which is used in companies to take decisions logically. I personally feel that there is still a need to advance my logical thinking to achieve good reputed position in my dream company. As this course only deals with technical communication skills so I still feel to work on my analytical skills. In an engineer’s life, logical reasoning plays vital role in building a career and overall personality of a person. As I am hard working, I am putting my full efforts to advance my analytical skills by taking suggestions from my seniors and by watching analytical-based videos.

After learning something implication is most necessary task to deal with. So as I have learnt many useful things from engineering technical communications I will definitely implement in my professional life to make my future bright. I have learnt presentation skills, verbal skills, concept of pathos and ethos, and successful team work. So when I will join my dream company I will work accordingly. I will take care of my audience while presenting a report. I will present every work with full confidence by including relevant topics so that other staff and customers can easily understand me. I will give a wonderful presentation with the same way which is taught in the class. I also learnt to work efficiently with group mates. So in order to eradicate any problem, I will make a proper schedule of work and give my best. I will also treat good with my teammates and take their suggestions where necessary to complete the given task. If in any case problem arises, I will focus on work to root out the problem. I will always give a constructive point of view in meetings. I will proper make meeting minutes so that proper records will be maintained to show that anytime. So by all these work, I will apply whatever I have learned in my useful course which is engineering technical communications. All tasks which have done in this course that all are very helpful in the practical world to build a strong career. I will implement all the skills to achieve success in my professional life.

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