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Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers

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Refugee resettlement in Third World nations has become a significant problem in latest years, both because the number of refugees has risen and because refugees have been staying in host nations for periods of time that indicate permanence. At the same moment, in the face of economic recession and political pressure, richer-country governments have tended to restrain immigration, including large-scale recognition of refugees. They may have provided enhanced support for relief and resetting as a partial replacement. Generally, the refugee can be defined as a displaced person who has been forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot securely return home. Such an individual may be called an asylum seeker until the contracting country or the UNHCR has awarded refugee status if they officially make an asylum claim. A lot of refugees and asylum seekers, including kids, they all have encountered conflict, family separation and important violations of human rights in their nations of origin and transit, including torture, physical and sexual violence and also, increasing the threat of circumstances of mental health such as depression and anxiety, exacerbated by the uncertainty and harsh circumstances of imprisonment (Zwi 2015). The Australian Human Rights Commission report, The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention, discovered that one-third of kids have a mental health disorder that needs psychiatric assistance in immigration detention centres. This paper will therefore explore the company economic problems and the social impact on the community in order to determine if it has a positive impact on the economy and society.

Resettling refugees and asylum seeker may have a major impact which caused by some of the factors in current society. According to the research done by Edward et al. (2016), it was found that the factors discovered in culture to impact the society may refugees and asylum seekers who could influence economic, cultural and religious affiliations, crime and the capacity to access security, and financial and social rights, as well as the literature, showed that variables affecting society may include age, education, relative earnings, and marriage. further, the factors that affect refugees and asylum seekers in society and culture are that they do not speak the language of the receiving country’s language, nor do they except receiving effective reception from the recipient country’s citizens or they may not adapt to the new environment (Edward et al. 2016). Top to chronically, it generates hormones that make it more reactive: the ‘fight mode’. People are more likely to be nervous, react without thinking, and have a lot of time to be scared. It’s hard to focus, plan for the future, and sleep in this ‘fight mode’ (Zwi 2015). Therefore, refugee resettlement and asylum seekers may not have a positive effect on both business and society today.

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The competition among companies and business in the market is unstoppable and unpredictable. Definitely, the most crucial thing that business is worried about is whether it is profitable. This needs to refer to some economic and financial aspects, so as to decide whether it will bring gain to the company. Edward et al. (2016) have shown that the effects of refugee camps on agricultural prices and beneficial impacts on the prices of certain agricultural products and a fall in the cost of food distributed in kind in refugee camps. Most studies indicate that refugees have production capabilities and resources despite undergoing forced migration and often living in destitute circumstances. The influx of refugees, the complicated effects of refugees on the national economies and the infeasibility of an experimental strategy to identifying the impacts of refugees. Some research indicates that a huge influx of immigrants increases unemployment among the less-skilled workers and also lowers salaries among some populations. In addition to this, some research indicates that a huge influx of refugees and asylum seekers increases unemployment among the less-skilled workers and also lowers salaries among some populations (Edward et al. 2016). For long-term consideration, refugee and asylum seeker may not make a profit for the business and bring benefit to society. Thus, this may not be a positive step for the company.

In conclusion, resettling refugees and asylum seeker may cause some of the issues which may not bring any helps to business and society. Refugee and asylum seeker would likely reduce the employment rate in business and the original cultural environment. Moreover, they may influence the price of accommodation and slow down the economy and weaken the demand for labour. Hence, this would lead to a negative economic effect which produces plenty of problems and brings anxiety and restlessness to the public. This kind of social issues may not be beneficial to business, but the business could avoid loss by improving policy and awareness.

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