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Alright, gather ’round, folks. Ever heard of the global refugee crisis? If you’ve been anywhere near a newspaper, TV, or even the local coffee shop chatter, you’ve probably caught wind of it. But let’s be real: It’s one thing to hear about it and another to understand the nitty-gritty truly. ...

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The Contemporary Challenges of Refugee Protection

The refugee regime has encountered areas of considerable challenge in the modern sphere. The most striking of these challenges is the terminology used to specify what constitutes a refugee in the 1951 Convention of Status of Refugees; ‘a well-founded fear of persecution’ was undoubtedly fitting following World War II when the convention was drafted, when ‘indeed, refugees were primarily the persecuted victims of highly organized predatory states’ (Shacknove, 1985: p.276). However, the current period has expanded the boundaries of what...
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The Refugee Problem in Honduras

Honduras is one of the most violent countries in the world. Therefore, violence and many more hardships specifically poverty, refugees flee to seek safety and a better life. One of the main types of violence is fighting between gangs. Refugees are sent back to their country after an unsuccessful trip to another country. One of the main places refugees from Honduras flee is the US. As a result, refugees are fleeing Honduras and have nowhere to go that will keep...
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The Effects of Refugee Camps

Refugees are regular people forced to flee from their home country because of the fear of persecution for many different reasons such as war and natural disasters. While fleeing home, their lives turn inside out because of many reasons. Some are war, the fear of persecution, and natural disasters. While finding a home, their lives turn back again because of resettling in a new country, adapting to their environment, and moving on to the present to try and make the...
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The Principle of Non-refoulement under International Refugee Law

ABSTRACT This paper focuses on the major problem of refugees and analyses the Principle of Non-refoulement in this regard. The paper focuses on the nature, scope and history of this principle. It also indulges into whether non-refoulement can be treated as a jus cogens norm by going through the criteria that have been laid down by the International Law Commission’s Report on Jus Cogens. The paper also deals with whether the principle casts a strenuous obligation upon states by looking...
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Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Crimes in Rohingya Camps

Introduction An increase in internal conflicts between Rohingyas at the Ukhiya and Teknaf camps in Cox’s Bazar has caused crime rates in the area to skyrocket. In the last 14 months, 22 Rohingyas have been murdered by their fellow refugees, and certain groups within them are involved in kidnapping for ransom, extortion, rape, forced disappearances, robberies, gunrunning, drug dealing, and smuggling. Moreover, hundreds have been injured in internal skirmishes. With over 250 cases having been filed against Rohingyas at nearby...
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East African Refugee Crisis

No one really ever knew about six-year-old Mawi Asgedom, a refugee of the Eritrean-Ethiopian War, until he came to the U.S. Not many ever really seemed to care and sympathize with Mawi and other refugees while they lived in harsh refugee camps in Sudan. The government of their homeland certainly didn’t care about them, as rather than providing its citizens with proper food, education, or health care, it started wasting its money to fight over the small, inessential area of...
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Difference between Germany and UK’s Refugee Policy

Germany and UK both are European countries, but when it comes to the refugees, Germany is way more generous than the Uk. The three main differences between the refugee policies of the two countries are the number of asylum applications, financial support, and license to work. Beside these differences, the two countries have two similarities that are public involvement and security issues. To begin with, the number of asylum applications in Germany and UK is the first difference. “In 2016,...
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Objective and Subjective Participation of Migrant and Refugee Children

Migration is an aspect that not just had a great impact on Germany as a country but also on Germany as a society. In 2017, 23,6% of the population in Germany had a migrant background (Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung 2018). This number is expected to rise since 39,1% of all children younger than five years old had a migrant background in the same year (Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung 2018). Besides regular voluntary migration for work or better education, one needs...
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The U.S and Ethiopian Refugee

The book of beetles and angles, is a based on a true life story of an Ethiopian refugee who ends up in the U.S. The boy and his family flew the Ethiopian civil wars and find themselves in the Sudan asylums. He embarks through a hardship journey until he finds success. A successful flee from one’s mother country, is not always assured of a safe and secure refuge destination. Many are cases where refugees are left homeless for years in...
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Migrant & Refugee Crisis Issue

It has been stated that 24 immigrants have died in ICE custody in Trump’s administration, 6 of them being children. This doesn’t include migrants and previous years. The issue concerning asylum seekers has been around for years, yet there seems to be little progress regarding the issue. According to the United Nations, every two seconds a person is forced to leave home due to conflict, violence, persecution, poverty, and hunger; yet there are people who try to make it harder...
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Struggle and Survival: Life of a Refugee

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” but in the midst of wars the surviving doesn’t necessarily reap the benefits (Plato). Escaping death to arrive in countries where people hate you instead of sympathizing is what you get as a refugee. As per oxford dictionary refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their county in order to escape war, persecution or a natural disaster. However, when instead of warmth you receive backlash, some unseen wounds...
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Barriers and Facilitators Impacting Refugee Women in Australias Access To PPH

Legislative factors were shown to potentially operate as both facilitators and barriers to refugee women’s access to PPH in Australia, and were evident in 31.5% of studies. At times, policies put in place with the intention of helping refugees, instead created barriers to their access of PPH. For instance, the requirement for all healthcare appointments with non-English speaking patients to be attended by an accredited interpreter, created challenges for PPH strategies involving bilingual workers who did not have this accreditation...
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Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers

Refugee resettlement in Third World nations has become a significant problem in latest years, both because the number of refugees has risen and because refugees have been staying in host nations for periods of time that indicate permanence. At the same moment, in the face of economic recession and political pressure, richer-country governments have tended to restrain immigration, including large-scale recognition of refugees. They may have provided enhanced support for relief and resetting as a partial replacement. Generally, the refugee...
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The Aspects of Australia's Refugee Crisis

Refugees and asylum seekers attempting to get into Australia are confronted with a challenge. Prior to arriving they have faced persecution, disease and violence, and yet many of the people whom control their apparent destiny strongly oppose letting them in. This inhumane approach to the issue must be addressed. Initially, the process for the application for a protection visa will be discussed, as well as the terrible conditions inside the detention centers. The difficulty and complications involved will be highlighted....
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The Right to Refugee Asylum and Eventual Repatriation

Introduction Background In the recent decades the subsistence of refugee crisis has been on the rise. The problem of asylum seekers has become a major global humanitarian issue. This in turn has led to the issue of refugee asylum and repatriation becoming an issue of public interest and also of major political significance. This has led to major criticism made against local laws, international laws and conventions with regards to the upholding of refugee asylum rights and repatriation. This in...
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Refugee Crisis In Australia

The end of the White Australia Policy brought forth a new era of multiculturalism within Australia, one that has redefined what it means to be an Australian in the modern age. The Australian government policy surrounding refugee migration has come at a cost. As throughout the year’s different political parties have divided the Australian community when considering the humanitarian, economic and moral benefits of refugees. Australia has embraced refugees over the last fifty or so years since the ending of...
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Refugee Situation In Iraq

The aim of this report is to understand Iraq’s refugee crisis, and analyse how it has come about. The report will start with general background information about Iraq, explaining their refugee situation. Following that, an evaluation of the international community. Finally, an outline of the actions within the international community in which help the refugee crisis. What causes people to become refugees in Iraq? Iraq is ranked as the 9th top country in which the most refugees flee from. One...
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Syrian Refugee Rights Under Human Rights

Abstract Since Cain and Abel, the years have passed peacefully less than the ones with the war in the world. Wars are one of the main reason for immigration. Since people tend to escape from dangerous areas instinctively. When secured areas are not in borders of their own countries, people have to seek asylum from countries which war victims are a border of. What rights these people should have or not is one of the most debated points since the...
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A Protracted Situation And Refugee Economies In Uganda

Introduction In 2019, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR] reported that 70.8 million people had been forcibly displaced worldwide (UNHCR, 2019a). Within the 70.8 million displaced, there were 25.9 million refugees and 3.5 million asylum seekers (UNHCR, 2019a). According to the 1951 Convention for Refugees, a refugee is “someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a...
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A Stray': Movie Review

The movie, ‘A Stray’ was released on October 21, 2016. It was created by the writer and independent filmmaker, Musa Sayeed. It was directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. The two were inspired to work on the film following a Somalian refugee because they are both Somali-Americans. The movie was even shot in the neighborhood where the director grew up. The creator, Sayeed, said in an interview that he wanted to film to show the diversity of Muslims and Somali people in...
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Challenges of North Korean Refugees in South Korea

‘My Escape from North Korea’, a speech by Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector, and activist, describes a North Korean’s experience as a refugee and the challenges she faced while settling in South Korea. The famine in the 1990s forced countless to escape from North Korea despite risking their lives. Today, North Korean refugees have settled down in various countries, notably South Korea. In a new environment, North Korean refugees are prompted to face physiological and psychological challenges such as...
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Australia for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: An Essay

For a significantly long time Australian culture has been separated by the discussion over asylum seekers and refugees, who touch our shores by boat. In the expressions of our National Anthem, they have ‘come across the seas’, yet the two sides of governmental issues have misrepresented the test they present to this nation. Australia’s reaction has been to devise ever-harsher strategies that intend to prevent those escaping war and brutality and to detain individuals who are in reality unfortunate casualties....
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Informative Essay about Refugees Life

I am a refugee myself and I escaped with my family at a young age to flee from persecution, violence, and war in Afghanistan. I am not here to “bring in guns and to kill you all” and neither am I here to spread messages to your children about the use of guns. I studied teaching at university and I am helping children learn every day, just like many others. Linda, I don’t blame you for believing that refugees are...
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Syrian Refugees Impact On The European Migrant Crisis

“Throughout the dangerous six-day drive across the Sahara, the group only stopped for shelter and food. But on one occasion when they stopped for sleep at a desert village, some of the drivers picked out female migrants among the group, took them away and only returned the next morning.” (The Harrowing, Step-by-Step Story of a Migrant’s Journey to Europe). The purpose of this report is to highlight the causes of the European Migrant Crisis, the treatment of refugees, the process...
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Muslim Afghani Women Refugees In Delhi

Introduction Much acclaimed and celebrated Afghan writer, Khalid Hosseni in one his works, the Kite Runner mentions “There are many children in Afghanistan, but little childhood” (Hosseini, 2011). A statement as such is years of honour and threat their generations had to encounter simply to flee their country to evade war. Ever since 1978, the Saur Revolution, the Soviet invasions in 1979, and the Civil War’s in 1990’s, the number of Afghans fleeing their country is only increasing (Hyman, 1989)....
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Hasna Henna As A Metonym To Rohingyas Refugees

Faizullah’s choice of using the Ghazal form to write her poem was suitable and accurate. The Ghazal form is used for describing and talking about a beloved that could be a family member, later it was used to discuss the feelings of loss and longing. Faizullah is combining both subjects to write about her dear dead aunt. The word tree appears many times and occupies the role of the radif in this poem, moreover, it is a keyword that is...
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Vietnamese Refugees In Inside Out And Back Again

At the beginning of the book “Inside Out and back again”, there is a war tearing Vietnamese apart, a war of two different ideologies crashing down on each other. This war was between North and South Vietnam. Ha, a child living in South Vietnam’s capital, Saigon, is a very dependent person, she is very close to her mother, and has lost her father. She is a very mischevious character, and almost always angry. When the war comes too close to...
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The Refugees In Europe: State Policy VS Human Rights

The refugee crisis we are facing today and have been facing for the past, almost, four years has no precedent. Since 2015 when the whole madness started, when over one million refugees, displaced persons and other migrants came to Europe to find shelter and escape from the conflicts and wars in their countries, our continent became the host for other 65 million people, the number rising with the time passing by. All these people that have arrived here after land...
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Refugees Challenges In Their Cultural Identity

Considering that refugees’ cultural identity is distinct from the majority of the host society, it is inevitable that refugees will face some challenges in the enjoyment of rights. Introduction Refugee movement has increased significantly in the last decade as the world develops to a rapidly increasing population of humans causing a multitude of people to be displaced as refugees. A Refugee defined as someone who a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war,...
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Reasons, Consequences And International Treaties On Stateless Refugees: The Example Of Syrian Kurds

Introduction Hanna Arendt conceptualized statelessness soon after the Second World War. In her concept she drew attention to the notion that “statelessness” first necessitates a pre-existing state that does not acknowledge a person as its member. Statelessness as a political phenomenon can emerge through the creation of the state. After the WWII borders were redrawn, several states disappeared, thus millions lost their home and their country of origin. At that point though, the terms of refugees and stateless persons were...
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