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Refugee Essay Examples

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Refugees Challenges In Their Cultural Identity

Considering that refugees’ cultural identity is distinct from the majority of the host society, it is inevitable that refugees will face some challenges in the enjoyment of rights. Introduction Refugee movement has increased significantly in the last decade as the world develops to a rapidly...
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A Protracted Situation And Refugee Economies In Uganda

Introduction In 2019, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR] reported that 70.8 million people had been forcibly displaced worldwide (UNHCR, 2019a). Within the 70.8 million displaced, there were 25.9 million refugees and 3.5 million asylum seekers (UNHCR, 2019a). According to the 1951 Convention...
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Refugee Situation In Iraq

The aim of this report is to understand Iraq’s refugee crisis, and analyse how it has come about. The report will start with general background information about Iraq, explaining their refugee situation. Following that, an evaluation of the international community. Finally, an outline of the...
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Refugee Crisis In Australia

The end of the White Australia Policy brought forth a new era of multiculturalism within Australia, one that has redefined what it means to be an Australian in the modern age. The Australian government policy surrounding refugee migration has come at a cost. As throughout...
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Greece: European Paddock For Refugees

Over 1,200,000 refugees cross the Aegean Sea every year (EU Council on Foreign Relations), fleeing their homes and searching for a better life, yet too few find one. People leave their homes because their countries are not safe anymore, and flee thousands of miles, across...
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Muslim Afghani Women Refugees In Delhi

Introduction Much acclaimed and celebrated Afghan writer, Khalid Hosseni in one his works, the Kite Runner mentions “There are many children in Afghanistan, but little childhood” (Hosseini, 2011). A statement as such is years of honour and threat their generations had to encounter simply to...
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Hasna Henna As A Metonym To Rohingyas Refugees

Faizullah’s choice of using the Ghazal form to write her poem was suitable and accurate. The Ghazal form is used for describing and talking about a beloved that could be a family member, later it was used to discuss the feelings of loss and longing....
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The Contemporary Challenges of Refugee Protection

The refugee regime has encountered areas of considerable challenge in the modern sphere. The most striking of these challenges is the terminology used to specify what constitutes a refugee in the 1951 Convention of Status of Refugees; ‘a well-founded fear of persecution’ was undoubtedly fitting...
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The Right to Refugee Asylum and Eventual Repatriation

Introduction Background In the recent decades the subsistence of refugee crisis has been on the rise. The problem of asylum seekers has become a major global humanitarian issue. This in turn has led to the issue of refugee asylum and repatriation becoming an issue of...
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The Aspects of Australia's Refugee Crisis

Refugees and asylum seekers attempting to get into Australia are confronted with a challenge. Prior to arriving they have faced persecution, disease and violence, and yet many of the people whom control their apparent destiny strongly oppose letting them in. This inhumane approach to the...
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Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers

Refugee resettlement in Third World nations has become a significant problem in latest years, both because the number of refugees has risen and because refugees have been staying in host nations for periods of time that indicate permanence. At the same moment, in the face...
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Struggle and Survival: Life of a Refugee

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” but in the midst of wars the surviving doesn’t necessarily reap the benefits (Plato). Escaping death to arrive in countries where people hate you instead of sympathizing is what you get as a refugee. As per...
3 Pages 1454 Words

Migrant & Refugee Crisis Issue

It has been stated that 24 immigrants have died in ICE custody in Trump’s administration, 6 of them being children. This doesn’t include migrants and previous years. The issue concerning asylum seekers has been around for years, yet there seems to be little progress regarding...
2 Pages 736 Words

The U.S and Ethiopian Refugee

The book of beetles and angles, is a based on a true life story of an Ethiopian refugee who ends up in the U.S. The boy and his family flew the Ethiopian civil wars and find themselves in the Sudan asylums. He embarks through a...
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The Refugees In Europe: State Policy VS Human Rights

The refugee crisis we are facing today and have been facing for the past, almost, four years has no precedent. Since 2015 when the whole madness started, when over one million refugees, displaced persons and other migrants came to Europe to find shelter and escape...
7 Pages 3218 Words

Difference between Germany and UK’s Refugee Policy

Germany and UK both are European countries, but when it comes to the refugees, Germany is way more generous than the Uk. The three main differences between the refugee policies of the two countries are the number of asylum applications, financial support, and license to...
1 Page 566 Words

East African Refugee Crisis

No one really ever knew about six-year-old Mawi Asgedom, a refugee of the Eritrean-Ethiopian War, until he came to the U.S. Not many ever really seemed to care and sympathize with Mawi and other refugees while they lived in harsh refugee camps in Sudan. The...
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Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Crimes in Rohingya Camps

Introduction An increase in internal conflicts between Rohingyas at the Ukhiya and Teknaf camps in Cox’s Bazar has caused crime rates in the area to skyrocket. In the last 14 months, 22 Rohingyas have been murdered by their fellow refugees, and certain groups within them...
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The Effects of Refugee Camps

Refugees are regular people forced to flee from their home country because of the fear of persecution for many different reasons such as war and natural disasters. While fleeing home, their lives turn inside out because of many reasons. Some are war, the fear of...
2 Pages 964 Words

Australia for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: An Essay

For a significantly long time Australian culture has been separated by the discussion over asylum seekers and refugees, who touch our shores by boat. In the expressions of our National Anthem, they have ‘come across the seas’, yet the two sides of governmental issues have...
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