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Regulating Guns: Is It the Right Solution to Reduce Gun Violence Shootings or Not

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The controversial issue of gun control has been the epicenter of discussion for the past decade. As a result of recurring mass shootings that have ended with tragedy and grief, gun violence has divided society into a heated debate to determine the best solution for gun control. On one hand, many individuals believe that restrictions must be enforced on guns. The opposing hand consists of people who do not think that regulating guns is the most favorable act. These individuals mainly consider gun control won’t be the solution to the obstacles and difficulties that guns create like homicides and mass shootings.

I believe that the right to control guns is an effective deterrent. People who abide by the law should have the right to own a gun in cases of self defense. The restrictions that have been placed on firearms and guns will not alter the beliefs of criminals from possessing weapons. In other words, regardless of laws and regulations that are passed which minimize gun usage, criminals will still continue to lash out events of homicide shootings. This is due to the fact that laws do not prevent criminals from performing illegal acts which is what labels people as criminals. These sort of people have intentions to disobey the law and regulations that are placed against gun violence. Since criminals disregard the laws of supply and demand, gun control will not find success and effectiveness. We, as a society must search for other solutions which would prevent the tragedy that criminals perform in public events with their guns. The subject of gun violence will not be solved by gun control nor gun rights since this issue is caused by criminals, the disobedience of laws, and mental illnesses.

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To be blunt, people should understand that mass shootings that are conducted by criminals deal with the supply of illegal guns. Criminals find numerous ways of purchasing and obtaining weapons. The black market is one of the illegal examples. There is an extreme amount of money that flows through the black market. Unfortunately, many people who are in the black market only care about their profit from their illegal firearms and have no regard to who they are selling their firearms too. Since this is illegal, it is almost certain that these firearms are going into the hands of criminals. This shows that criminals have numerous ways of obtaining a gun as long as they have the connections and money to purchase one. If a criminals main priority is to buy a gun, there is nothing that would be able to stop them from acquiring one which is an extremely scary situation.

Society needs to understand that firearms are a criminal’s best friend. Due to the fact that criminals have already exhibited illegal acts, guns act as a line of security for a criminal. They are able to utilize their guns to protect themselves from their views of harm and danger. Regulating guns in order to reduce gun shootings will only end in suffrage as civilians who follow the law will be under heavy restrictions while criminals and gangs will most likely be the people who have possessions of firearms, due to the black market.

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