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Religious Beliefs Essay Examples

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Judicial Intervention In Religious Affairs

The concept of secularism has been embodied under the constitution formally through the 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 though earlier it was a part of fundamental rights under Part III of the constitution. The resolution to secure to all Indian citizens “liberty to thought, belief, faith...
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The Effects Of Inter-religious Marriage

INTRODUCTION Marriage is a formal union of a couple legally and socially that is regulated by laws, rules, customs, beliefs, and attitudes that prescribe the rights and duties of the partners (Britannica, 2019). According to Puja (n.d.), marriage is “both a biological, psychological, cultural and...
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Religious And Personality Difference In Nursing

Religion versus treatments is a noted by disputed concern in nursing and medical field. Religious beliefs are totally regards some practices and procedures that are recommended for through the medical institutions. For instance, healthcare facilities supports the procedure of blood transfers as it helps in...
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The Influences Of Religious Beliefs

There’s a difference you know; between religion and spirituality. Some people don’t realize that they are different. Religion is what you believe and how you believe it. Religion is like a map, you follow it. Spirituality is more individualized; this is what a single person...
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Music For Religious And Secular Culture

In contemporary culture, secular and religious world views can be challenged in today’s society. Religious and spiritual worldviews can be described as believing that there is more to the world than just the layer of reality. God, Allah, Brahman etc. are some supernatural beings of...
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Why Are People Religious?

Many people are born into a family where religion is practiced. They just assume that is what they should believe in. Not often will one ponder over the question of how religion has become what it is today. Religion’s grasp on the world is extensive....
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Abortions And Religious Perspectives

Abortion rights have been the talk for decades, jeopardizing women’s rights and freedoms for religious beliefs. Many choose to believe that a woman must carry out a pregnancy term, but enforcing religion-based opinions should not remain an option. A woman’s body is hers, and the...
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The Diversity Of Religious Beliefs Around The World

With different countries and places comes with different religion. It is very diverse, according to some estimates, there are around 4000 religions all around the world, with the five majors being Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. While the majority of people follow these five...
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The Sabarimala Case: The Religious Confrontation

The tussle between reason, religion, and patriarchy and gender equality is the core baseline to under the proceeds of the Sabarimala case, which produced one of the most controversial judgments in the year 2018, bringing a sense of equalization and also the distrust to some...
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Religious Belief And Self-Hatred in Wise Blood

Wise Blood, Flannery O’Connor’s impressive and eerie first novel, is a classic when it comes to twentieth-century literature. Despite being a revision of some of her most iconic work, critics often belittled Wise Blood’s success after its publication in 1952. This was because they either...
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What Is Religion As An Apparatus?

This section looks at religion from a Marxist perspective, specifically drawing up on Marx’s and Engels ideas. They believe religion was used as an apparatus to prevent social change by creating a ‘false consciousness’. I attempt to demonstrate how religion could be the apparatus but...
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Daniel Pearson Studies Of Religion

The influence of religious beliefs on Aboriginal cultural identity is quite profound the religious beliefs they hold influence everything they do from rituals to environmentally sustainable hunting techniques. These actions all stem from the Dreamtime stories which promote good stewardship of the world, this encourages...
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Wicca As A Modern Pagan Religion

Wicca is a contemporary religion that depends on agnostic practices and standards which have been passed down for quite a long time, beginning in pre-Christian Ireland, Scotland, Britain and Ridges. The word Wicca is initially an Early English word, signifying ‘shrewd one’. The individuals who...
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