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Representation of Challenges of Future in Andrew Niccol's Movie 'Gattaca'

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In this paper I’m going to talk about the way in which challenges for the future are represented in Andrew Niccol’s feature movie, ‘Gattaca’. The film ‘Gattaca’ was written and directed by Andrew Niccol’s. The movie is about genetic discrimination because in the film there two types of genes: ‘valid’ and ‘in-valid’. Throughout the film, the protagonist Vincent was born naturally which labelled him as an ‘in-valid’. The focus of the film is Vincent freemen, he wanted to travel to space and it was his dream but due to his status as a genetically ‘in-valid’ prevented him from getting into training programs. I will talk about the challenges the film portrays and how could these challenges impact our future generations. And how the movie represents these challenges and positions the audience.

The movie portrays major challenges such as misuse of the technology, for example people who are genetically engineer and the challenges that we might face in future. ‘Gattaca’ explores the consequences of a society reliant on biotechnology, and how it effects both genetically modified humans face extreme pressures and expectation and non-engineered humans face discrimination. In the film ‘Gattaca’ society is divided in two parts – ‘valids’ and ‘in-valids’; those who are naturally born are considered 'in-valids' and are relegated to menial jobs and social institutions are designed for those who are ‘valid’. The human birth is controlled by science such as look, heights in the fictional word.

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As the movie ‘Gattaca’ is seated in the future, the challenges that the film have portrayed will have a huge impact on our lives such as emotional, physically and so on and the Genetics may have a vital role in our health and happiness. In the movie Jerome Eugene Morrow is paralyzed and he is on a wheelchair because he committed suicide after coming second in a major swimming competition which shows that how these challenges can disturb your mind and effect your lives. And on the other hand, whereas Vincent who is trying to travel to space but due to him being ‘in-valid’ he can’t fulfil his dream. In my perspective the misuse of the technology will have a big impact on our lives because the ‘valid’ person will be more valued than the ‘in-valid’ and the society will have high expectation from ‘valid’ and on the other hand ‘in-valid’ will be count as the servant and would have no value to the society.

At the start of the movie, stairs structured as a DNA strand is portrayed. This symbolizes and foreshadows that the movie will be about genetics and technology. The film conventions set up the tone and mood required for the entire movie. Another part of the movie, Vincent is scrubbing his body and the camera is shot from a low angle. This builds suspense as the audience is positioned from an oblivious angle. It is not clear as to what the skin particles are until the camera angle shifts up towards Vincent. Again, this scene symbolizes the main topic of the film which is genetics. The ‘valid’ are portrayed to be wearing suits and the ‘in-valid’ are portrayed to be wearing black cleaner uniforms. The ‘valids’ are portrayed to be superior and more valued whereas the ‘in-valids’ are portrayed to be unworthy and inferior. In the film there have been used a lot of tactics to represent these challenges and position the audience such as color, lighting, setting, costume, dialogue, sound effects and cinematography. In the film the color blue is purity and cleanliness, sepia is vintage, nostalgia, and green is symbolic of life, love and hope. The white is sterility, control and perfection. And the color red symbolisms blood, death and power. The challenges faced within the movie can impact future generations as discrimination could increase within the world. The movie ‘Gattaca’ shows us that the meaning of life id not found in our genes, in our ability to fulfil our dream.

Overall, the movie is focused on the genetic and DNA. In the movie ‘Gattaca’ a person’s self-worth is solely based totally on their genetic code. ‘Gattaca’ celebrates the significance of the human soul. The only way you can achieve your dreams in a very discriminative society by way of power and determination. And throughout the movie Vincent display powerful nation as for example humanity and determination. Andrew Niccol’s used great tactics to represent the challenges and to position the audience. Andrew Niccol’s has put highlights within the film to motivate everyone additionally attempts to convey individuals in any case of live clutter or tough as lone you willing to face the issue and be positive you may continuously be able to achieve your dream.

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