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Research Paper on Cyber Bullying

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Bullying is a phenomenon that occurs when words or actions are repeatedly used to harm someone’s well-being. Flisher (2007) stated that 10% - 20% of people are exposed to bullying and that affects them, especially teenagers. The effects of bullying are negative only because bullying hasn’t positive effects. According to Flynt and Morton (2004), bullying is a blustering and badgering person, one who was cruel to others, particularly to those who are weak. Bullying has become one type of violence that affected a young person’s well-being both in schools and in the Neighborhoods. Bullying has a lot of types, for example, Physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, and cyberbullying. The main effect of bullying is depression. Depression is one of the problems of bullying that affected teenagers by changing their mood and normal reaction and it may stop doing many of the things they love. Depression will often get worse and many may turn to alcohol and drugs. Depression is serious and if left untreated, can worsen to the point of becoming life-threatening. If dressed teens refuse treatment, it may be for family members or other concerned adults to seek professional advice; therefore this Report is about levels of depression resultant bullying from which affect regularly on teenagers. The Research question is “Does bullying lead to depression among teenagers”?

Literature Review

Relation between bullying and depression

Bullying incorporates a ton of effects on teenagers alone, helpless, unsafe, afraid, guilty, typically blaming themselves for the bullying, stress, anxiety, depression, sad, having a hassle with their assignments, having issues with mood, energy state, sleep and this conjointly identical effects of a period of time, thus there's an enormous relation between bullying and depression. period of time may result in their life like suicide, as a result of depression may be a robust mood involving disappointment, discouragement, despair, or despair that lasts for weeks, months, or maybe longer. Depression affects quite a person’s mood. It affects thinking, too. It interferes with the flexibility to note or fancy the great things in life. Depression drains the energy, motivation, and concentration someone wants for traditional activities. Additionally, there are signs of depression like negative feelings and mood, negative thinking, low energy and motivation, poor concentration, physical issues, and social retreating. Folks with depression grind to a halt in negative thinking. This will create folks who specialize in issues and faults. It will create things appear icier than they very are. Negative thinking will create someone who believes things can ne'er be regained, that issues are too huge to resolve, that nothing will fix true, or that nothing matters and it's going to lead folks with depression to admit harming themselves or ending their own life . Who (2012) expressed that for each one that completes a suicide, twenty or additional might decide to finish their life. Folks with depression might feel tired, drained, or exhausted. They could move additional slowly or take longer to try and do things. It will feel as if everything needs additional effort. People that feel this fashion might need hassle motivating themselves to try and do or care regarding something. Poor concentration conjointly controls folks; as a result, they need depression from the bully. Period of time will create it exhausting to concentrate and focus it'd be hard to try and do college work, concentrate in school keep in mind lessons, or keep targeted on what others say. Some folks with depression have associated Nursing symptoms or loss of appetite. Some may gain or slim. Folks may notice headaches and sleeping issues after they are depressed. Folks with depression might retreat from friends and family or from activities they once enjoyed. This typically creates them feel additional lonely and isolated and makes negative things worse. All kids might be exposed to a period of time, but the UN agency (2008) explained that depression is the leading reason for incapacity for each male and female the burden of depression is five hundredth higher for females than males. Will be} all the results of depression that the kids can be exposed to from bullies.

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Types of bullying

Bullying consists of behaviors that put concentration on creating anyone else expertise inadequate or target belittling anybody else. Bullying includes harassment, bodily hurt, over-and-over mortifying speech, and efforts to ostracize the other person. Bullying is active and is finished with the intention of transporting another individual down. it's essential to acknowledge that there are distinctive types of bullying Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Emotional, and cyberbullying. Physical Bullying is the most evident structure of bullying. during this quiet bullying, the instigator tries to physically dominate another immature. This unremarkably consists of kicking, punching, and totally different physically damaging activities, designed to instill worry within the one intimidated and possibly obligate him or her to try to do one thing. once somebody verbally bullies another, he or she uses mortifying language to pull down another’s self-image. Bullies World Health Organization uses verbal ways overly tease others, say belittling things associated using an exquisite deal of satire with the intent to wreck the various person’s emotions or wound the opposite immature within the front of others. Emotional is even additional delicate than verbal bullying. Young bullying that consists of emotional methods aims at obtaining somebody else to feel isolated, alone, and will to boot even immediate depression. This sort of bullying is meant to induce others to ostracize the person or girl being intimidated. Electronic bullying is turning into a really actual bother for teens. this sort of bullying makes use of immediate electronic communication, mobile phone telephone text messages, and online social networks to wound and embarrass others. this may be particularly devastating to the personalities being intimidated, seeing that they can't even discover a secure place within the virtual world. in keeping with records from Family Tending, concerning thirty percent of young adults within the U.S. are concerned with bullying, each as a bully and as a sufferer of young bullying. knowledge suggests that young bullying is additional common amongst younger teenagers than it's among older teens. However, it can even be that younger young adults are additionally inclined to physical bullying, which is a smaller amount sophisticated to spot, while older teenagers are additionally refined in techniques of bullying that are no longer regularly exactly recognized in and of itself. Physical bullying is bigger frequent amongst boys, and young ladies frequently like verbal and emotional bullying. Indeed, while boys file that they're adding in all probability to be troubled in physical altercations; ladies report that they are often the targets of nasty rumors particularly involving sexual gossip. To boot, ladies are a larger altogether chance to use exclusion as a young bullying technique than boys.

The effect of the Cyberbullying

cyberbullying, which permits bullying to increase on the far side of face-to-face contact in electronic media, has received tidy recent attention. Hamm and colleagues1 examined its effects via social media among youngsters and adolescents. They enclosed thirty-six studies of cyberbullying in their review. Most youths in these studies were middle and high school students, aged twelve to eighteen years. Across these studies, twenty third of the youths reportable are having been intimidated online. The foremost common forms of cyberbullying were name-calling or insults, current photos, and spreading gossip and rumors. Typically relationship problems preceded the bullying. Ladies were additional probably to be cyber-intimidated than boys. Adolescents World Health Organization had been cyber intimidated reportable turning into additional withdrawn, losing shallowness, and feeling uneasy. There have been adverse effects on relationships with family and friends. Faculty grades worsened, there have been additional faculty absences, and behavior issues in class became common. Depression was related to cyberbullying. The adolescent’s level of depression augmented considerably with exposure to cyberbullying. In some cases, cyberbullying was related to self-harm behavior and self-destructive thinking and tries. The foremost common methods used by adolescents to subsume cyberbullying were to dam the sender, ignore or avoid electronic communication, and shield personal info. Nearly twenty-fifth of the adolescents didn't tell anyone about cyberbullying. If they did tell somebody, it had been possible to be a fan instead of an adult. typically adolescents perceived that nothing may be done to stop the bullying, and if they told their parents about the bullying, they'd lose access to the pc. Researchers recommend that augmented awareness of the prevalence of cyberbullying and its adverse effects could result in higher hindrance and management methods. cyberbullying additionally includes photos, messages, or pages that don't get taken down, even once the person has been asked to try to therefore. In alternative words, it's something that gets denoted online and is supposed to harm, harass, or upset some other person. Intimidation or mean comments that target things sort as a person's gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or physical variations count as discrimination, which is against the law in many nations. Meaning the police may become involved, and bullies could face serious penalties. Online bullying is notably damaging and disconcerting as a result of its sometimes anonymous or laborious to trace. It's additionally laborious to manage, and therefore the person being ill-used has no plan for what percentage of individuals (or many people) have seen the messages or posts. Individuals are tormented nonstop whenever they check their devices or laptop. Online bullying and harassment are easier to commit than alternative acts of bullying as a result the bully doesn't need to confront his or her target face to face. Sometimes, online bullying, like other forms of bullying, will result in serious long-lived issues. The strain of being in a very constant state of upset or worry will result in issues with mood, energy state, sleep, and appetite. It can also create somebody feels jittery, anxious, or sad. If somebody is already depressed or anxious, cyberbullying will create things abundant worse.


Bullying has a massive effect on people especially Teenagers, because it will make depression. When depression causes kids and teens to act grumpy and irritable, it's easy for parents to become frustrated or angry. Remind yourself that these moods are part of depression, not intentional disrespect. Avoid arguing back or using harsh words. Try to stay patient and understanding. A positive relationship with a parent helps strengthen a child's resilience against depression. There is a strong relationship between bullying and depression and the different types of bullying lead to depression practically cyberbullying. Parents have a very massive role in treatment the of depression for their children. Behavior patterns begin at home. Teaching your infant true conversation and social capabilities at home will go a long way toward his/her success in school. Parents should talk with their child. From the time youth examine to talk, dad and mom can have a running dialog with them about how their day went. This makes it herbal to proceed with the customized after the baby starts off evolving to school. Ask questions about their days. Ask about their friends. Get to know their classmates and friends. Volunteer your offerings to two of the classroom whenever possible. Parents want to be observant of their kid's behavior, appearance, and mood, both for symptoms of the child being bullied or attractive in bullying behavior. Torn clothes, bruises, loss of appetite, mood changes, and reluctance to go to the faculty are all signs that something is wrong. These are all signs that a toddler is likely being bullied. Many teenagers fall deeper and deeper into melancholy as a result of lengthy-time periods of bullying. Signs that a child is engaging in bullying behavior would possibly be impulsiveness, showing no empathy for others, or a wish to be in control. Children who bully are frequently arrogant and conceited winners and bad losers when they interact in aggressive games. In the end, I think that schools should give courses to children to prevent bullying and depression and to give the children self-confidence.


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