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Relationship between Natural Resource Management and Pro-Poor Growth (Water, Land, Forest)

What are Natural Resources? Natural Resources allude to the things that exist unreservedly in nature for human use and don’t really require the activity of humankind for their age or generation. The key part of natural resources is that they direct the survival of people and other living things on earth. These assets incorporate land, rocks, woodlands (vegetation), water (sea, lakes, streams, oceans, and waterways), non-renewable energy source, creatures (angle, natural life, and trained creatures), minerals, sunlight, and air. A...
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What is Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management was brought out in the early 1900’s specifically for people who serve as employees for the organizations or companies. The key concept of organizations is to carry out enrollment, to manage and to provide superior supervision for the individuals who are employed at that organization. People, specifically speaking employers, are significant when it comes to the resources management aspect of a business, because that part is vital when it comes down to the planning and foreseeing all...
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Should We Spend Valuable Resources on Space Exploration: Argumentative Essay

Do you agree or disagree? It is a waste of money to spend funds on space travel or space exploration. When first set sail into the unknown, the early humans took incredible courage. They have to conquer the nagging rumble of the stomach, threatened with the fear of hunger. They have to accept the challenges of the tremendous and utterly unaccountable tempest that put their lives at stake. They have to surmount the dolefulness from within. All these ventures are...
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South Africa's Resources for Fuel Production

South Africa is a country struggling to meet its energy demands. Due to its rise in population and its climate problems as well as other factors, there is a need for the southern African country to focus on discovering or using as many ways as possible to meet the demands for fuel in the country. The country is now focusing on producing more renewable energy which is safe to the environment, South Africa producing bioethanol from Sugar Cane Bagasse (SCB)...
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Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Knowledge-Based Resources

A common source of intra-industry performance variations is pegged upon the differences in enterprises’ utilisation of organisational resources and capabilities (Spender, 1996; Teece et al., 1997). In the event that resources are valuable, rare, difficult to imitate, and seemingly non- substitutable – they could be a source of enterprise competitive advantage (Barney, 1991). An enterprise’s capability to effectively create, manage and exploit knowledge-based assets – represents one such a vital resource (Matusik & Hill, 1998). Thus, being a bundle of...
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Americans Should Consume Fewer of The Global Resources

I think that we as Americans consume more resources. Our natural resources are needed for survival. These natural resources include water, sunlight, minerals, land and animals. Everything we use daily is from natural resources. I think that the American way of life can be up for negotiation. It doesn’t’ mean we have to give up everything but simply making changes to daily living could help. We need to enjoy our life but also learn to conserve in better ways to...
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Feed Resource Recovery: Case Study

Alternative Food and Feed Products Globally, the demand for traditional protein sources (livestock and fish) is expected to grow by 76% from 2007 to 2050 (Alexandratos and Bruinsma, 2012). This increase is due to not only a growing population but also changing diets in developing countries compared to developed nations (Rosegrant et al., 2012). Land that is not suitable cultivation of crops can often efficiently be used to graze livestock. However, overgrazing and the creation of new pastures at the...
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Integrated Water Strategies From Website Water Recycling

Integrated Water Strategies (IWS) has developed a design to recycle water to make it reusable. The website is a front-end of their company showing various services that the company offers in the field of water recycling. A basic theme that the company promotes is the education of the need for clean and pure water, while their methodology to recycle water is to use multiple filtration systems to treat the water. IWS is an organization that uses stormwater, wastewater, greywater, and...
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