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Respect And Passion As The Ways To Success

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The two values that can pave my way to the success of my internship would be ‘Respect’ and ‘Passion’. I believe that, these two values are key to build my work ethic and professionalism during this internship attachment.

It is important to treat my colleagues, superiors, patients with respect and follow through all the rules and regulations set by the company. Examples are, adhering to corporate culture; company’s core values, attitudes and beliefs: to speak and treat fellow colleagues and patients politely, being timely and punctual, being prompt in serving patients, standing up when welcoming or assisting patients or any persons who are enquiring, using both hands when issuing and receiving things, being calm and polite when calling or answering calls from patients. Also, it is important to be aware of cultural differences so that we can be culturally sensitive and avoid any misunderstanding. Following that, it is essential to respect patient’s confidentiality, and not disclose any information on patients without appropriate authorisation by treating all official documents, papers and information acquired in my official capacity as confidential. Also, adhering to the company’s dress code, self-care such as proper grooming and good hygiene. Examples would be, by wearing neatly pressed, clean clothes, black covered shoes and no excessive accessories and jewellery. It is necessary to show respect to others and to the rules and regulations as this will reflect positively to the company and to the eyes of the patients and my colleagues. Essentially, by being respectful, I will be able to deliver a consistent and high level of service for my company. Thus, I believe that demonstrating respect and complying to the company’s policies is an important value to adhere to during my internship.

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Next, having passion is vital, passion is a positive value that fuels and motivates me in learning and working hard. Being passionate enables me to complete all the given tasks with my best efforts, through applying and translating the acquired knowledge, techniques and skill sets learnt during my classes. It is important to work hard even when the tasks seem small and unimportant, as what matters most is the effort that I put in to accomplish them. Likewise, having passion empowers me to take initiatives thus, helping me in building my self-confidence. With passion and eagerness to learn and try new things, my colleagues will be more willing to teach and patiently guide me throughout my internship. Therefore, I strongly feel that passion can aid me to maintain a balanced and consistent performance during my internship. All in all, when passion is present, success can result. Hence, I believe that I can achieve success when I am passionate and driven in my work, thus, contributing as a strong team player for the company.

In conclusion both these values, ‘Respect’ and ‘Passion’, can help in developing and growing a valuable working experience during this internship. I will be able to strengthen skills developed in school and new skills that my colleagues have taught me and see how they apply in the real world.

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