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Review of the Article ‘The Impact of TV Violence on Children and Adolescents’

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This article is about the impact of TV violence on children and adolescents by Barbara Frazier. The first section of this article informs about how TV violence can influence and change children’s values, behaviors, attitudes, and ways of thinking. Barbara Frazier wrote about how the regular offering of TV in today’s media is characterized by a lot of violence. Many of the most popular TV shows show scenes with murders, fights, around the world wars, kidnappings, traffic accidents, wrestling, and emotional and psychological abuse. Frazier wrote about how some shows promote violence as an accepted way of solving conflicts.

The second section of the article ‘The Impact of TV Violence on Children and Adolescents’ talks about some statistics that apply. It is stated that the average American child watches TV for 21 to 23 hours per week, which then varies depending on the age group. Frazier states that by the age of 18, children will have viewed a total of 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence. Frazier also states that 73% of those crimes go unpunished which sends the message that violent acts are accepted socially and that it’s a good method of dealing with problems that completely change the mindset of a developing child who doesn’t know any better. The facts in this section surprised me because, when I’m watching TV, I don’t think about things like this due to being so caught up in the show and as a result of that I don’t pay attention to how all the violence that I have been watching on TV really affects me and others around me.

The next section of this article talks about the primary effects of TV violence. Frazier states that violence on television can lead to aggressive behavior. I agree and disagree with this. I agree that children can become aggressive as a result of watching violence on TV and that it can change their behavior from what they were to much more violent, aggressive, and impatient. but I also disagree because not all children are the same. They all have different personalities as of where some will adapt to the violence and some just simply won’t.

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Another section of this article talks about research findings. Frazier talks about studies that were conducted by others in this section. While reading all the studies I can tell that most researchers agree that violence that is obtained from TV changes the behavior of a child to become more aggressive and violent towards others. I agree that when a child watches violent shows on TV they can get a bit more violent because they have seen that violence is accepted by society and that it is a social norm. One of the experiments that Frazier talks about is how a TV was introduced to a Canadian community for two years where it was not available before and then they proceeded and recorded their behavior which showed a significant increase in physical and verbal aggression. In my opinion, the researcher was a little bias because he/she only saw what they wanted to see because they only paid attention to the negative effects of the study and not the positive effects of the study.

The last section of the article talks about what parents can do to help. This section mentions very good points and effective ways where parents can limit what their kid is being exposed to. I believe this section is very helpful because it provides parents with ways in which they can help their kids become nonviolent. It allows parents to recognize and eliminate what might be the bad influence in the behavior of their kid. I agree with the author with this point because, to solve a problem, you must first, recognize the issue which is causing it in the first place, and then proceed to solve the problem.

This article was very well informed. I mostly agreed with all the points the author made. While reading this article, it was hard for me to understand some of the words because I did not know the meaning of the words. In this article, the author only addressed one side of the topic, which was acceptable due to her title but, it would have made her argument even stronger if she had included a mix of both sides to help the reader understand more clearly. I believe that TV violence can affect children in a negative way which will follow them growing up unless they decide to cut back and get support and help, they need to recover.

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