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John Musker and Ron Clements partner up yet again to make another astonishing film. Disney's hit movie ‘Moana’ is a sensational film created to fascinate its viewers. Featuring lead actors Auli’i Cravalho as Moana, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Maui. Taking place in the large island and village of Motunui is very beautiful, as well as it is filled with life and love. This movie ages back to two thousand years ago and earned a 5 out of 5 stars. Moana daughter of the chief has many character traits. She is very brave, strong and outgoing. She does not give up no matter how bad the condition is even when at times in the movie she wants to stop and quit she does not let herself do that. She takes on a mission with Heihei her pet rooster and the demigod Maui. This movie drives away from most of the other Disney movies because she is not a princess and there is not a prince involved in the movie.

Moana wants to achieve saving her village and by that, she goes out of her way to do it. The village barely has food supply to feed on and Moana suggests an idea of going beyond the reef. Going beyond the reef is too dangerous and can be very hectic even if it was tried. Moana has a lot of potentials and she doesn’t let it go to waste. Moana goes beyond the reef because she wants to protect her land. Moana finds the demigod Maui and makes him board her boat. After she makes Maui board the boat which was very hard for her, Maui believes that without his ‘magical’ hook he’s nothing and he hadn't had his hook for a long time, so Maui and Moana go out and look for his hook in the ocean. While Moana was beyond the reef she got into some trouble with demons and monsters which was very hard for her to fight them off and achieve what she wanted to get done because of that. They had a thought of where the hook might be so they went there trying to find his hook, because without it, Maui doesn’t feel his power, and without Maui, the mission can’t be achieved.

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One aspect is that the editing of the movie was done well. I think this was also a part of the rating given in paragraph 1. The way this computer-based movie was made was fantastic. The action of the film along with the background features was great. The hair of Moana and Maui was very realistic. For example, during the film when Moana was a child (growing up to her set age). The color of her village looked incredible and the details of it were amazingly done. Some parts of the movie that was put together was extraordinary and fit perfectly with all the previous scenes.

Another aspect of the film that stood out to me was the background music. The creativity of how the music was put together was awesome. When there was music, it matched what was going on during the scene. Another good thing about the music is the lyrics, it was really relatable, not just to the scenes but the whole film as one itself. Also, the beat of the music, for example when in a scene something going on that's intense music would go faster and faster as it got more intense. That is an A+ on the music part(s) of the movie.

Yes, I would recommend this film. I would recommend it to all ages from young to old. At first, I thought it would be like the rest of the Disney films (which has a princess, a prince, and end up in romance) but it was very different. The quality was A1 and it left me starstruck on how great it was. This is one of the best Disney films I've watched and it can really relate to everyone in a different way. It is a very unique movie as well as adventurous. It doesn’t have too much of one topic, it has a widespread of most.

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