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The Role of the ‘Great Debate’ in Shaping the Relationship Between Politics and the Mass Media

The 1950s saw television, then considered a new medium for political coverage, rapidly surpassing radio and even newspapers as the major source of public information about politics by the 1960s. It became a serious competitor of newspaper for advertising revenue and for consumers time as it had a major growth in the early and middle 1950s. Newspapers were still prospering which at first made the arrival of television look like a minimal threat, however with time publishers and editors started...
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President Donald J. Trump and Richard Nixon: Comparative Analysis

President Donald J. Trump and Richard Nixon are known for setting famous “firsts” in history. Nixon devoted his entire life to the world of politics, whereas Trump has never held a single political office before becoming president. Then we have Trump who has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives and contrastingly, there is Nixon who resigned before the impeachment process began during the Watergate Scandal. Towards the end of the Trump presidency, after the insurrection of the United...
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Critical Analysis of Richard Nixon's “Checkers” Speech in September 1952

After Being chosen by Dwight D. Eisenhower as a running mate in the election of 1952, allegations were made by the New York Times that Richard Nixon had accepted bribes throughout his career in exchange for government influence. Under normal circumstances a vice-president candidate would have denied any such claims and then stepped off the ticket to save face, however the medium of television was finally coming into play in politics. Nixon wrote and delivered a televised speech in which...
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From Flawed Candidate to President: Portrayal of Richard Nixon in The Selling of the President

At the age of twenty-six, American author Joe McGinniss wrote what would become one of American history’s most influential political books, The Selling of the President 1968. This work was originally published in 1969 after President Richard Nixon took office. It was later reprinted in 1988 with the title The Selling of the President. This 252-page, non-fictional book only took McGinniss four months to produce. He wrote the book in a way that was easy to understand and that allowed...
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Analytical Essay on Nixon's Activity As a President

My plan was to go to the Nixon Library with a few of my friends as a way to spend time with them. Since graduating high school, a lot of my friends went to different schools, so trying to allocate time with all of them is a headache. Until my grandparents overheard about this project where they basically invited themselves. But it turned out to be a fun day. We went to Polly’s Pie to eat a quick breakfast and...
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Descriptive Essay on Richard Nixon: Way of Life

Brief Biography Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California and went on to study at Whittier College and Duke Law. Before winning the 1968 election, he served in the Navy and a congressman from California’s 12th district. In the House, he was a member of the House Un-American Activities Committee, where he investigated Alger Hiss for giving away sensitive American information to the Soviets. He then served as senator of California and vice president under President Eisenhower for two terms....
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War against Drugs Launched by President Nixon: Descriptive Essay

The United States of America makes roughly 5 percent of the world population, yet funny enough it houses more than 25 percent of all people incarcerated throughout the world (Coates). The hardest hit communities are by far those of color in urban areas. This paper will focus on how America used the War on Drugs to wage war against its own citizens, those of color anyway. It will look at policies set forth by the war and how it systematically...
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Overcoming Obstacles: Descriptive Essay on Richard Nixon's Experience

For Richard Nixon, ending the war in Vietnam was one of his promises made during his election campaign in 1968. He saw that there was monumental opposition to the war by the American Public and by some members of Congress which ultimately led him to declare that he was “going to stop that war. Fast.” (Lawrence p138). This promise might have appealed to the American public, however, it has proven to be a much harder promise to fulfill due to...
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