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When Brittany Murphy passed away, when Justin Bieber was placed in prison, when Britney Spears shaved off her hair, the question we didn't ask was what have we done to these children? We all love rags to newfound wealth stories, however, it appears that the people are nearly as enamored with wealth as rags or even fame to failure. What happens when an effective child star turns into a has-been star? The prominent issues of celebrities like Michael Jackson and Gary Coleman fortify the reality that almost every child who has worked in media outlets has battled as a grown-up. Although some may contend that few child stars have proceeded to have steady and effective lives as grown-ups, our argument here is that a lot of famous people who were presented to the spotlight at a young age have become scarred for life by their initial achievement and popularity and will, in general, makeup for the youth they were denied.

There is a focal idea that there is by all accounts a strange revile encompassing child stars. These young actors/actresses are regularly portrayed as having an excessive amount of excessively youthful or being scarred forever. As per Dr. Jane O'Connor, a specialist in child stars at the University of Wolverhampton's School of Education, child stars come up short on the

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normal that most kids typically advantage from such as “never having(had) a choice, and worse, they never had the chance to be a kid”(Wilson) They regularly battle to have an adolescence because of the levels of popularity of the stage way of life. This gets rid of their private space for the advancement of an individual's character. Childhood is a unique opportunity that comes just once and on the off chance that a child starts to miss it, there can be risky repercussions shown in the grown-up personality,

On the other hand “Children should be able to get a good balance between working hard and having fun doing it”(Max). Not all children who grow up on the set or amongst other famous people turn out so badly. It isn't fair to stereotype all players to one game, especially when there have been plenty of examples to contradict that thought. These kids in the environment of the famous world are just like you and me, they are people too, which means they depend on things that regular people depend on. Things that define our personalities also define those famous people we set apart as abnormal. Experts conducted an experiment based on the parent's control over their child, they found out that “If you don’t have a stable parental unit that’s setting limits ahead of time, then the roles get flipped easily and the child becomes the parent. They’re not ready for the responsibility. And you see kids spin out a little bit.”(Media)

Parents do play a major role in a child stars life and people don't take into consideration this, a strong example of this would be Drew Barrymore, “Her mother started bringing her to nightclubs when she was just 8 years old; she took up smoking and drinking by 9, marijuana at 10, and began snorting cocaine at 12.”(Media) overall without a parent guarding their every move then outcomes such as Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and much more will have the same results, all in all, child stars should not be an option for kids.

In conclusion, Children do not belong in the entertainment industry. Young stars often complain about a stolen childhood, the pressure they have to face at a young age, forcing them to mature fast, and the risks of exposure to dirty show business while still an innocent playful child.

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