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Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Crimes in Rohingya Camps

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An increase in internal conflicts between Rohingyas at the Ukhiya and Teknaf camps in Cox’s Bazar has caused crime rates in the area to skyrocket. In the last 14 months, 22 Rohingyas have been murdered by their fellow refugees, and certain groups within them are involved in kidnapping for ransom, extortion, rape, forced disappearances, robberies, gunrunning, drug dealing, and smuggling. Moreover, hundreds have been injured in internal skirmishes. With over 250 cases having been filed against Rohingyas at nearby police stations, locals have become increasingly wary about their foreign neighbors.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that all this has happened despite the camps being guarded by police, RAB, army officials, and other law enforcement agencies, who have all strengthened their guard and set up regular patrols to tackle the situation.

Problem statement

After 700,000 Rohingyas migrated from the military persecution in Myanmar’s Rakhine State starting August 25 last year, the total number of the community in the Ukhiya-Teknaf area rose to 1.1 million. These people currently live in 30 camps spread over 6,000 acres in the region. Rohingyas are misusing donations and facilities given to them and committing crime after crime, with even guns and yaba tablets being recovered from the possession of some. Many of them are coming in other districts and commiting crimes. Even Bangladeshis are creating violence on them. Our main theory says that, due to various internal and external issues, Rohingya refugees are being attacked by the local people. Even sometimes Rohingya people are initiating violence on them. The Rohingya camps are now full of crimes and violence. A study by Akhther and Kusakabe shows that gender-based discrimination and violence increased among the Rohingya at Cox’s Bazar. As refugees, they are not permitted to search for employment; however, the support provided by the Bangladesh Government and NGOs is limited. This situation leaves Rohingya families with no choice but to supplement their livelihoods through any means possible. Because the movement of Rohingya men is restricted by law due to violence that has occurred in the past, women must often perform menial work outside the refugee camps to support their families. However, the refugee women face humiliation both inside and outside of the home and are vulnerable to violence due to their low position in the family hierarchy and the cultural boundaries or gender-based stereotypes that exist in Muslim society.

Research Objectives

With uncertainty shrouding the Rohingya repatriation, crimes – from petty thefts to drug peddling, abduction to murder — have become a commonplace at the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar. Many of the Rohingyas, sheltered in Bangladesh, are now living in a state of panic. They blame unemployment in the camp and rivalry among their leaders for the situation there. Rohingyas are committing crimes inside and outside the camp, there is no doubt in it, but many crimes are being committed inside the camps which affects Rohingyas as the main victims. The role of law enforcement forces remains questionable in some cases. Criminal groups are emerging with various motive and support backing them. As a whole, the reputation of Rohingyas as well as local people is in stake. The objective of this particular research is-

The study broadly focuses on the matter of law and policy. The chance seekers from Rohingyas are trying to make the best out from this adverse situation. This study brought out the actual scenario and situations both inside the camp and outside the camp. The locals who are suffering from the activities that are done by the Rohingya criminals, their screaming for help was enlightened in this study.

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This paper is a qualitative research paper and everything is discussed here in a detailed way. It is described to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. This method of research provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential.

To make this paper, between primary and secondary source method the author has chosen to work on a secondary source research process. As secondary source official web pages, biographical works, reference books, encyclopedias, articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, literature reviews, annual reviews etc have been used as research materials. All the sources are reliable and trustworthy.

Context analysis

The Rohingya refugee crisis is no longer a simple humanitarian issue but now poses a potential threat to internal security and stability of Bangladesh and may represent a wider threat to transnational security in the Southeast Asian region. The ARSA militant group has already shown its ability to recruit Rohingya jihad soldiers from refugee camps for cross-border fighting and smuggling of small arms and drugs. A local terrorist group named Al Yakin has emerged taking the rohingya extremists to create havoc inside the camp. The background of this group remains a mystery. No information was found on its leaders, financial sources and other aspects. Even general refugees are afraid to give any information on them. The basic crimes occurring in those camps are human trafficking, smuggling, robbery, domestic violence on women and children etc. Though the local people are quite unhappy with the gesture of rohingya people, they are not involved in most crimes. Rohingyas along with some national and international terrorist groups are conducting the crimes.

Thinking of the solution of this problem plethora of predicaments emerge. It is not entirely possible to monitor this huge number of people. One suitable solution is to repatriate the Rohingya people through diplomatic means. Providing them with a high standard of lifestyle might also contain the spread of crime, but that is not possible for a country like Bangladesh. So, one thing that can be done is increasing the number of law enforcement agency members to monitor the whole area. Also it is needs to have support from both local people and the Rohingya people.


The plight of refugees worldwide today is a grim reminder of the inability of international human rights organizations, democratic nations, and humanitarian aid agencies to prevent the persecution, violence, and abuse of people which is forcing them to flee their homes. According to the UNHCR, forced migration in 2017 has reached unprecedented levels and is threatening security in nearly every region of the world. Although it is but one part of a much larger global dilemma, the Rohingya crisis and its impact on Bangladesh has become one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world. As such, it is vital that research helps to reveal more about these refugee events and to learn ways of preventing them or resolving the multitude of problems that eventuate, particularly for host countries. Crimes in Rohingya camps needs to be contained for having a healthy situation in that region. Government, NGOs, INGOs , and international organizations need to look into this predicament first to avoid any further quandaries.

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