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Role And Importance Of Brand Ambassador

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Business Bargains (BB) is a distributor and merchant of electronic and other office items situated in the South East of England. The corporation has three distribution centres, situated in Luton, Watford and Romford. They specialise in buying items in bulk from organisation which have gone bankrupt and after that sell these things by means of auction at their warehouses.

Auctions are conducted on weekly basis at all the warehouses. All products for auction are displayed for potential buyers, so that they can decide what products to buy. They are also allowed to submit their bids prior to auction. However, all offers must be submitted at the live sales, which limit the local buyers. Warehouse staff is responsible for collection of payments and provide logistics to sold items. Company employee analyse liquidation of products to buy manually and also prepare the invoice manually.

So as to streamline the obtaining choices and grow their business advertise, Business Bargains have decided to invest £200,000 to employ an organization to create software for buying which includes past sales analysis and logistic cost, develop a online auction website which also provide online invoices of sold goods.

Business Bargain wants the analysis software to be a desktop application that uses the existing company database of bought and sold items. The auction application would be a web application which has features such as making the lots open for bids, allow user to register online and submit their bids before or during the auction, and online payment option. It should also have an admin front-end through which BB staff can upload new lots with a set start and end time for auction. It should also track all sales lots; customers, inventory, and ensuring no two users are accepted at same time for same sales. BB wants this application to be very user friendly. They are interested in involving their procurement, warehouse staff, and clients to be part of development and testing , considering that huge numbers of their clients are utilized to physical sales and not really very IT proficient.

Luton Technologies (LT) is a development consultancy situated in Luton. They have a reputation in the advancement of database driven web applications, and have communicated in an interest for building up a proof of idea for this site. BB has chosen to contract LT on a ‘Time and materials’ based on the improvement of their new web application and related backend.

The key expectations related with this application are as per the following:

  • Store the details of all stock/sales lots currently held in all distribution centres.
  • Store the details of when each lot will be sold with their cost price
  • Store details of sold lots including the buyer, selling price and transport costs
  • Store the business strategy for each sale– online or in person
  • Store the sale type for each auctioned lot – highest offer or Buy It Now
  • Analyze business liquidation stock for reasonable buys dependent on past deals, interest for items accessible, price tag and transport expenses to get the stock
  • Allocate buying staff to arrange bargains which the product has recognized as gathering BBs overall revenue prerequisites
  • Allocate distribution centre staff to deal with conveyances, open viewings, and preparing parts available to be purchased.
  • Allocate clients for live auction and allow them to register, view photos and videos, submit bid and bid while live auctions, make online payments and suggest delivery time for successful buying.

The personnel of Business Bargains Staff are already described in the scenarios with their names, designation, and duties.

Agile software development is way to deal with programming advancement under which requirements and solutions advance through the collaborative efforts of self organising and cross functional groups and their customers. It advocates planning, transformative development, early delivery, and constant improvement. It encourages raid and adaptable response to changes. There are different methodologies in agile on which DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method) Atern was been founded in UK and is one of the famous agile methodology.

Principles of DSDM

DSDM has eight principles. They represent an ethos, a culture, a way of working. The principles are actively managed at all times because if a principle becomes compromised it represents a risk to the successful execution and completion of a project.

The eight Principles of DSDM are as follows:

  1. Focus on the business need
  2. Deliver on time
  3. Collaborate
  4. Never compromise quality
  5. Build incrementally from firm foundations
  6. Develop iteratively
  7. Communicate continuously and clearly
  8. Demonstrate control

Principles applied to BB project

The above principles could be applied to BB project to ensure successful outcome and that has been demonstrated in the table below.

Focus on the business need

As in the situation, the business need should be engaged in and just the contribution of right people is in the business. The client’s needs must be organized and should be managed without the unsettling influence.

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Deliver on time

In any case, the late delivery undermines the matter of the project too increment the expense and could be discrediting the business case. Thus, the included team time box the tasks and hold an unmistakable concentration to the BB needs.


There should be a joint effort of the all groups alongside the stakeholders. This could be occurred through an encourage workshop where the partners share their perspectives upon the business to different individuals from project team.

Never compromise quality

To moderate quality issues, there should be a concession to the season of task begin. As the task characterized and the work done should not be designed extreme that would surpass right dimension of business needs. The consistent audit and the documentation alongside test should be done legitimately.

Build incrementally from firm foundations

Due to the tight, fixed due date the separated lumps of the task may be skipped. So the time box demonstrates gradual improvement to concentrate on finished project. Here the work from firm establishments advocates the foundation of least comprehension of prerequisites.

Develop iteratively

Change in requirement is a one amongst the most risk factor inside this evolving world. On the procedure of the task in the long run happens according to the business prerequisite as like the business technique of BB may be changed time to time so iterative advancement co-works to cover the business arrangement.

Communicate continuously and clearly

Project failure is a serious issue because of the poor interaction. This standard depicts to create the correspondence between the LT teams and the BB team. For the better improvement if conceivable the casual face to face and personal interaction may be suitable.

Demonstrate control

It give adaptability which may lead the task be crazy. So the significant part is to show the task to the organization constantly. The checking and controlling advancement by the agile team should be proactive. As the business saying of BB the organization should assess proceeding with project practicality.

Role of Brand Ambassador

An incredible brand ambassador can slice through the messiness and say things regarding your organization and brand with more validity than you can in light of the fact that they won’t profit therefore. It’s essential to recall, however, that a brand ambassador isn’t simply somebody who leaves you a decent Cry audit or would consent to be cited in a leaflet or radio promotion. Brand ambassador are sufficiently energetic that you can approach them over and over, in a wide range of circumstances and have certainty that they will keep on imparting their extraordinary encounters to other people. An endorser will say decent things in a review. A brand ambassador will say decent things for a year in a row.

Importance of Brand Ambassador

It is important to have a good brand ambassador are mentioned below

  • Brand ambassador will humanize your brand
  • Brand ambassador will increase the social reach
  • Brand ambassador help you protect your online reputation
  • Brand ambassador provide positive mouth of word
  • Brand ambassador help you increase your online traffic
  • Brand ambassador help in increase awareness of brand in the places you are not present.

Suitable Candidate for Brand Ambassador

Based on the below qualities, Vasil Dimitrov can be a good brand ambassador for BB. The reasons for selecting him are mentioned below.

  1. He is been working with the company for last 12 years, which helped him gaining in depth knowledge of complete operations of the organisation
  2. He also has good relationship with the potential customer which will help the company not only retain their customer but also increase their business by mouth of word and reference

Unsuitable Candidates for Brand Ambassador

Out of given four candidate list the two unsuitable candidates and reason for why they are unsuitable are given below.

  1. Stuart Alexander
  2. Joe Gershwin

Stuart Alexander is one of the candidates who are unfit for this position. In spite of Stuart positive attitude towards the expansion of business, he is not preferred as business ambassador as he is very busy person and has no much time to attend all the promotional events.

The other person who is not preferred for this role is Joe Gershwin. The reason why he is not suitable for this role is lack of experience, as he is new to company and have not much knowledge about the company and its operations.


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