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Role Model in Life

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We all know someone in our lives that is virtuous. Someone that they look up to and mimic their style of doing things or handling any situation. A role model is someone who has influenced your life in such a huge way. My role model is Dorothy Jackson my grandmother.

There are many reasons I have chosen my grandmother as my role model. Since I can remember my grandmother has been a hard worker and a nurturer to our entire family as well as others. She puts others needs before her very own needs. I consider her a role model not only to me but to everyone she encounters. She is a very strong woman. She loves her family very much especially her great grandchildren.

My grandmother has always held a job I can’t remember a time that she has not worked. She has always told me that hard work pays off. All the jobs that she has held she is always recognized for her hard work and dedication by her co-workers. She never seems to amaze me.

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When I say that she put others before herself I mean just that. She has always done things for others whether it interferes with the plans she already has or not. I remember once she was supposed to take a church member to go and handle some personal business but forgot that she had prior engagement that she already planned. She allowed the church member to use her care and she walked to where she had to go. She did not complain because that’s the type of person she is.

My grandmother just turned 80 years old in August 2018 and retired then for the 3rd time. She has pelvic cancer and still manages to say she is okay even when she may not be. You wouldn’t be able to tell she is in pain or feeling down, because her joyful spirit will not allow her to show it. She does not like to feel helpless or not needed. She lives alone in her own home. She still can do everything for herself and she still drives. It may be a bit slow, but she still drives. She has been through a lot over the past 18 years. From death of her husband, her youngest daughter and father which she was the care taker for all of them. She currently helps care for her oldest daughter whom had a stroke 5 years ago and needs care and encouragement and she still mange to keep her life in order and from falling to pieces. She has 25 great grandchildren and they mean the world to her. Five of them are very close to her and she spoils them tremendously, so they can’t stand to leave her side. If the parents of the children don’t make them come home, they will stay as long as they want and as long as she allows them to stay. Leave it up to her they never have to come home.

Her being a very good role model influenced me so much I followed in her life’s path. The only difference is I chose nursing and she held various jobs that allowed her to care for her family. Because the influence my grandmother had in my life I turned out to be an amazing role model just like her. I attained the same traits and attributes that qualified me to be a great role model for my younger girl cousins, my 8-year-old daughter and co-workers. The woman that I have become following my grandmothers’ path has allowed to the pleasure of meeting so many people. Some of the people were very nice and kind and some were not. I just greeted and left them with a smile and stayed humble. I never allowed myself to get out of character and when I felt like I was I would say to myself how would my grandmother handle this situation. After asking myself that question and praying about it the situation always worked out for my good. I have worked so hard to become the person I am today. I have run into so many obstacles in trying to become this person, but I was determined to show the younger generation in my family that they to can be a role model someday if not now.

I am the first-born granddaughter out of 5. I am 41 years old and I have graduated twice and now I am in school (college) again to further my career in nursing. My first child was born when I was at the age of 24 and my second child at the age of 33. I bet people thinking what a big gap in between the children. I grew older and wiser after the birth of my first child. I was spoiled and still had a childlike mentality during that time. We basically grew up together. During my growing period I wanted to set an example for the younger girls in my family that you don’t have to be having kids so early get to know yourself and grow up first and then have kids if having kids is in your plans. I am not at all perfect in any way, but I try and make sure that they see me doing what’s right so that they will follow. Children learn what is appropriate behavior in part by observing the behavior of significant others and then trying the behaviors out themselves (Farley & Flota, 2018, p. 128). I find my daughter with my stethoscope and other nursing equipment trying to doctor on whomever will let her. She always says mommy I am going to be just like you when I grow up. I am going to be a nurse so that I can take care of people and make them all better just like you. I always want to show her the right way, so in return I conduct myself in the best manner possible. Little eyes are always watching even when you think they are not.

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