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Role of Astrology in Diagnosis of Cancer: Analytical Essay

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Role of Astrology in Diagnosis of Cancer

Abstract: Someone rightly pointed out ‘Health is Wealth.’ It is very important to take care of good health. There are various branches since the ancient era who started to study on disease and the causes to occur diseases’. In India, Ayurveda is the oldest branch that started studying medical science. Moreover, we can say that since the ancient era, India is having study and medicine in Ayurveda. Turmeric is the best antibiotic- is the invention of Ancient Indian Medical treatment i.e. Ayurveda. Now it has been accepted worldwide about the importance of Ayurveda in Health Science. The most and hardest non-curable disease which is problematic to the universal level is cancer. Indian Health Science works at two different levels e.g. Ayurveda and Astrology. The combination of Astrology which specifies Cancer and though the disease of cancer may be indicated astrologically through several amalgamations yet Varna Yoga has been observed in many cases. Diseases can also be known through a detailed analysis of a birth chart and studies on the basis of the birth chart is called as Astrological Identification of diseases. A good astrologist is in a situation to see the risks of diseases that a native could suffer from his life. However, there are a unit numerous aspects that one ought to take into thought whereas creating such predictions. The readers shouldn't get influenced with a single fact of their horoscope. There is a unit numerous things that area unit analyzed so as to see the precise results. In Janmkundli which is the part of Astrology prepared on the basis of Birth date, time, and place during the birth mentions various houses and their impact on the life as for this sickness, the homes ought to even be afflicted beside the malevolent planets. Apart from this, the dasha-antardasha are analyzed, besides the position of transiting planets. Taking into consideration of the disease i.e. Cancer –it is expounded to Hindu deity, afflicted Moon, afflicted Jupiter or Saturn and conjointly forms relations with signs as well as, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The native encompasses a risk of full of cancer once the Moon is afflicted being the lord of the sixth house or eighth house in its unfavorable dasha. This all indicates the importance of Astrology in identifying the health issue of a human being. Hence current research work focuses on the role of astrology in the diagnosis of cancer for individuals.

Key Words: Disease, Astrology, cancer, medical science, diagnosis, Ayurveda, etc.

Introduction: In this technical and global era, there is a drastic change in human life. Technological growth created human life very easy and comfortable. The death ratio is decreased because of the continuous invention in Medical science. Yet, cancer is called as the ‘Death’ due to non-curable disease. Indian Ayurveda and Astrology are now accepted worldwide as a unique work of India. Due to the recourse of proper preventive, remedial, and corrective spiritual measures many cases got success in curing cancer- proved by researchers also. In Indian Astrology, the maximum study depends on the Janma kundali- A Janam Kundali is a basic tool for creating pseudoscience predictions. A Kundli or horoscope is an associate degree pseudoscience chart or a diagram showing the positions of planets, moon, and the sun is formed on the idea of the date of birth, place, and time. Janam Kundali is chart in Hindu pseudoscience. The causes of various diseases are mentioned in Kundali. There may me clarification for Cancer sickness in Janam Kundli. Cancer may be a future disease. It can be identified with the study of houses and their relation with each other in Janm-kundalini. Thus, it's imperative that the sixth and therefore the eighth house form a relationship with one another. One is likely to suffer from cancer if Mars and Mercury if afflicted, are in or own the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. This is often as a result of the sixth house determining the sickness and therefore the eighth house signifies the diseases that last long.

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, there are a total of twelve houses in the Janma Kundli of Individuals. According to the time, place, and date of birth, these planet houses are changed and the impact of their places shows on the life of individuals. About health issues and how they affect a few examples of houses and their effect on health has been mentioned.

Following are a few examples of planets and their impact on Health:

  • Sr no.
  • Name of planet
  • House no. in Kundali
  • Impact on Health
  1. 01
  • Rahu
  • Sixth
  • It is the house of disease, enemy, and Debt
  1. 02
  • Rahu
  • Eighth
  • This house is ruled by Mars so effect on Health issues.
  1. 03
  • Sun
  • First
  • If the sun is with Saturn and Mars then has blood impurities, aggressive nature, eye diseases, fevers, and itching problems.
  1. 04
  • Jupiter
  • First
  • If it is in the first house, the Blood impurities make him/her sick
  1. 05
  • Sun
  • Sixth
  • Suffers from heart disease
  1. 06
  • Moon
  • Sixth
  • Suffers from stone in urinal tract
  1. 07
  • Rahu
  • Fifth, eighth, and Twelve
  • Mental Illness

Table of Kundli houses and Diseases

As shown in the above table, the house number placed in the Kundli shows its effect on an individual’s life and health such as Sun and Moon area unit accountable planets for an accident. After that, Rahu, Mars, and Shani create an accident. However, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon shield North American countries from accidents.

Rahu is taken into account to the karaka of cancer. However, Mars and Saturn can even provide these diseases. Jupiter is taken into account to be the lord of growth and cancer takes place with the expansion of dead cells within the body. The chance of cancer is additionally high once the lord of the eighth or sixth home is afflicted. Following are a few planets and the chances of occurring disease it:

  • a. Sun – Diseases of the top and eye, bile, T.B., epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, disease of the skin.
  • b. Moon – Diseases of the eyes, stomach, intestines, face, and mind, mental illness, phlegm, cold, asthma, T.B.
  • c. Mars – Sores, ulcers, leprosy, epilepsy, diseases of blood and neck.
  • d. Mercury – Diseases of the liver, navel, and encompassing space, brain disorders, skin diseases, coma, and nervous disorders.
  • e. Jupiter – Diseases of ear, neck, nose, and heart, asthma, phlegm, T.B., venereal illness.
  • f. Venus – Diseases of the eye, venereal illness, piles, illness of privates.
  • g. Saturn – an illness of leg, lameness, loss of consciousness, giddiness, insanity, rheumatism.
  • h. Rahu and Ketu – Diseases because of intake of poison, those caused by worms, bacterium, and bacilli of the abdomen, insanity, cancer, epilepsy, and heart diseases.

These explainains the importance of Indian Astrology in Science and medical science.

Indian Astrology and Science:

The prophetic Indian Astrology star divination relies upon some logic given by the sage Parashara. It is not a Science however there lies some strength or truth in. it is still gifted during this world. The success of the associate Indian sacred text predictor depends upon what quantity correct he/she will tell regarding the associate unknown person or his life or what number of his shoppers get happy by his predictions. No predictor is 100 percent correct. The prediction of a Jyotishi on some consumers goes wrong as a result of the consumer don't offer correct birth details. Many consumers offer calculable birth details with heaps of confidence. Some shoppers don't need to hassle to enquire their correct birth details from their elders as they are doing not notice the importance of correct birth details in Jyotisha.

An Indian Astrology will himself suffer in life thanks to his own unhealthy luck or a nasty section of your time.

The job of an associate Indian Astrologer is not to bluff his/her profession by claiming that he/she will modification their destiny by prescribing the result and so known as remedies like stones, mantras, tantras, yantras, yagna, havan, poojas, homams, or deans. However, solely to inform one thing regarding their destiny & to alert them of some returning smart or unhealthy section of your time in their lives in order that their profession will prepare themselves prior to (if the state of affairs appears to be avertable or if its unhealthy impact may be minimized) consistent with the sensible ways in which as urged by the Indian Astrology predictor. Although neutering one's destiny is not that simple & it cannot be through without the bounty of God.

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The Pseudoscience Cause: If Planet Saturn, Rahu, and Mars area unit placed unfavorably and Sun and Moon are weak within the horoscope, skin infections seem when unhealthy planets (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Kethu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) area unit posited in unhealthy homes like the sixth house which is known as the place of disease, eighth house which is called as the place of longevity and twelfth house which is known as a place of death. Once unhealthy planets occupy the signs: Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces in star divination, that planet is liable for weight gain. Your weight gain is especially caused by the planets Jupiter, Moon, and Saturn. Jupiter is liable for managing fats, sterol, and liver health. Once your Jupiter is inactive then there would be a management of lipids. Mercury governs brain nerves, Moon controls the mind, heart, and abdomen. Jupiter rules over the liver and lungs. The components of the body that causes sleep disorders area unit the brain nerves, lungs, and liver. Thus these 3 planets' area units are liable for providing sound sleep.

Astrology and Diagnosis of Cancer: it has been already mentioned in the above table as an example that Astrology will predict health issues or injuries before their actual look within the chassis. However, all the planets, sensible or unhealthy, and the sun and also the moon will have a nasty impact on an individual's health.

CANCER as everybody has a fear for it because it is known as another name of death. On the idea of our expertise of the last forty-five years, we tend to maintain that cancer will be cured through correct identification. In an exceeding variety of cases, we tend to were ready to determine the chance of cancer with success, a lot of prior to its incidence. The natives were affected by cancer, were fully cured when taking recourse to correct preventive, remedial, and corrective religious measures. Hindu deity and Ketu purpose to cancer. One is probably going to suffer from cancer if Mars and Mercury if afflicted, area unit in or own the sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

Generally, it's believed that cancer may be a death tantalizing sickness. However, pseudoscience identification if created a lot of before its incidence makes the cure virtually sure. Medical and remedial measures build this potential.

Planet House and Cancer:-

The affliction of the sixth, eighth, and/or twelfth house, their lords, and occupants affect on the health issue and especially cancer and they show their effect in the following manners:

  1. Planet of Cancer: The main significates of cancer area unit Hindu deity, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn. Hindu deity is the poison of cancer, whereas Mars offers rise to neoplasm, cyst, boils, wounds, cuts, operations, etc. Mercury multiplies the cells of cancer if afflicted and Saturn makes it chronic and incurable.
  2. Lord Dusstanas: Rahu, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn area unit connected with the Dustanas and watery signs or side one another or the lords of Dustanas.
  3. Gemini and Virgo: These two planets also have a lot of to try and do with cancer, if these signs area unit occupied by Mars, Mercury, or Saturn identical with Dustanas.
  4. Jupiter conjointly plays an important role in inflicting additionally as preventing cancer. If Jupiter is unaffiliated and is placed in an angle or triplet and isn't accepted by malevolent Mars or Mercury or if Jupiter aspects the Ascendant, the ninth or fifth house it'll defend the native if he's affected by cancer. However, if Jupiter is within the sixth or the eighth or aspects of these homes below affliction by Mars, Saturn, Hindu deity, or Mercury, one is probably going to suffer from incurable cancer.
  5. Mercury: This planet is the lord of Skin and this can be the key indicator for a disease of the skin. Since Venus is karaka for cosmetics, in many cases it has been seen that Venus's affliction at the side of mercury causes skin allergies as a result of cosmetics. Additionally Moon afflicted by Rahu denotes disease of the skin to the native. In star divination, the world mercury and also the sixth house within the horoscope is liable for skin-connected disorders.

Various Types of Cancer and its diagnosis by Astrology:

  • Stomach – Sometimes in conjunction with a harmful or receives evil facet from a malign the lord of the sixth house shows this effect on health. Alternately, the sixth lord himself would be malign within the twelfth, and also the sixth is occupied by a harmful effect. The Sun is the planet principally afflicted. The Rahu-Ketu axis is sometimes seen across within the Ascendant and also the seventh house.
  • Colon and Body Part – The Sun, Mars, and Ketu ought to be studied rigorously. The sixth and also the eighth houses in the Kundli and correspondingly Virgo and Scorpio signs would feature in these kinds of cancers.
  • Bladder – This type of cancer happens three times more in men than in females. Cancer of the bladder makes itself legendary initially by a modification in bladder habits. Long before blood seems in wee-wee, planetary positions within the horoscopes would provide a sign of the upcoming danger. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars sign Virgo, the sixth house and its lord ought to be examined rigorously. Sometimes the Sun and Mercury alongside the lord of the sixth house were severely afflicted by Mars and Saturn and as was common in the Rahu-Ketu axis.
  • Uterus – The sixth house and sign of Virgo are connected with Mars and Venus.
  • Breast – Astrologically, the fourth and also the tenth house of the Kundli govern the breasts, the fourth right facet and also the tenth, the left. The Moon typically governs the breast whereas glands come back beneath the jurisdiction of Mars. It implies that if the fourth and also the tenth house of Kundli, their lords, the Moon, and Mars are all afflicted and to feature there to if the Rahu-Ketu axis is additionally afflicting these planetary positions then there is the probability of carcinoma.
  • Blood – Blood cancer may be a cancer of the blood-forming organs, mainly bone marrow. The Moon and Mars, the 4th, the 8th, and 12th houses of the Kundli, and their, lords are to be studied closely. If these all are afflicted then cancer may be a certainty. As declared earlier, the Sun is the planet for all unrestrained growths and ought to have prime thought in cancer cases.
  • Liver -The fifth house and lord of that house ought to be afflicted by this kind of cancer.
  • Lungs – Jupiter and also the Moon are the planets that need the most careful thought. Besides the fourth and also the sixth houses in the Kundli and their lords, signs Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, and Sagittarius are closely concerned with lungs and they are thought as the most afflictions in these signs. It’s usually seen that in cases of carcinoma common signs are within the sixth house and or watery signs within the eighth house.

Vulnerable Degrees:

There is still sizable scope to additional slim down the sphere of study and at last trace the precise degree of the Zodiac that activates the cancerous growth in sure components of the chassis. Carter is of the opinion that the twenty-fifth degree of Virgo-Pisces which is called as Sayana system may be a common space of affliction as that degree looks to be connected with swollen conditions typically, tumors, and its growths.

The star Labarum is placed at 25° 35′ comparable to Narayana at 2° 5′. This can be a star of the fourth grade and partakes qualities of Venus and Mercury. It’s already seen that these planets are usually afflicted during this illness. There’s another star close to regarding the on top of degree. It of Zavijaya and is found at 26° 2′ with corresponding to Narayana at 2° 32′. This faint Xanthus star is preponderant of Mars-Mercury characteristics and is alleged to be concerned in cases of polygenic disorder, particularly if planets are afflicted around this degree and are within the sixth from the Moon.

Conclusion: Thus, the above-all discussion explains the importance of Vedic Astrology in the diagnosis of diseases, especially of Cancer. Since the early 19th century, the concept of Hindu astrology has been in use as the English equivalent of Jyotiṣa. But the Vedic astrology is a relatively modern concept, entering common usage in the 1970s with self-help publications on Āyurveda or yoga. Vedanga Jyotishya is one of the earliest texts about astronomy within the Vedas. Though Cancer can be defined as any uncontrolled growth of body cells, which has destroyed the adjutant tissues; Zodiac Sign will help to find out your long journey disease and even can work as remedies to cure ourselves from it. If not treated cancer and it may also spread to other parts of the body through blood and lymph. Cancer may affect people at all ages, but the risk increases with age.

At the global level, Cancer amounts to about 13% of all human deaths. Up till a few years ago, it was incurable. On the premise of scholarly expertise of the last forty-five years, astrology tends to maintain that cancer may be cured through correct designation. In a very range of cases, astrology tends to were able to establish the chance of cancer with success, a lot of sooner than its incidence. The natives, World Health Organization were affected by cancer, were utterly cured once taking recourse to correct preventive, remedial, and corrective nonsecular measures. Rahu and Ketu's purpose to cancer. One is probably going to suffer from cancer if Mars and Mercury if afflicted, are in or own the sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

Generally, it's believed that cancer could be a death invitatory wellness. However, pseudoscience designation if created a lot of before its incidence makes cure virtually bound. Medical and remedial measures create this attainable. In 2000, once many planets happened to be getting ready to each other, astrologers foretold that there would be catastrophes, volcanic eruptions, and periodic event waves. This caused a complete seaside village within the Indian state of Gujarat to panic and abandon their homes. The anticipated events failed to occur and also the vacant homes were burgled. There are numerous studies that started to work on Indian Vedic Shastra, Astrology, and so on concern with it. Using remedies suggested by astrologers will help to see the positive impact of medical science and medical treatment on individuals suffering from cancer. Because of it many research scholars of word-wide started to study on Indian Vedic Astrology. Hence, we can’t deny the importance of Vedic Astrology in Science and even in medical science to diagnose disease, the root causes of disease, and other affecting factors of an Individual’s success and failure of life.


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