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Role Of Computers In Linguistics

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As we all know that computers have a marked influence on linguistics.In the near future computers would be providing more help to linguists. Computational linguistics studies how computers are related to linguistics and also deals with techniques of computers that assist us in interpretation of language.

To facilitate linguists to explore and interpret natural language with the help of computers. M To grasp/comprehend (by comparing with computers) more about how people understand the natural language.

Use of computers in Linguistics

There are many advantages or benefits of computer in linguistics. They give us opportunities so that we can deeply examine the role of computer science in linguistic research. Some are listed here:-

Recovery of Documents

An advantage for a linguist to use computer is to get back the data which has been erased or removed. If we have deleted a document and want to retrieve itso computer softwares would preferably help us to do so.

To save our time and energy, computer can help us extract the required texts or information. The system of computers could also scan newspaper articles or some other paper forms to assist us in getting the the kind of information we are looking for.

Translation gadgets

Machine interpreters are very beneficial and are used around the globe. They help us in translating texts of different languages such as from Spanish to English or vice versa.

In linguistic procedures we have bundles of files that contain huge amount of texts. Computer can take care of this bundle without any difficulty. It assists us to pile up and deal with the contents of files in computer disk. Computer handling makes frequent updating very easy for us which takes into account the interlining of new texts and then with each updating, the complete document can be sent to press in a new form/arrangement.

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Other than this, we also have an advantage such as copying the text accurately which reduces the efforts of linguists. They can easily arrange and display data in manageable format from where we can download, copy paste, arrange or send in print the data with ease.


Systems that recognize speech are applications of computers in linguistics. Other than this the speech recognition tools such as Apple’s Siri feature, Spell check tools or programs related to speech formation often tells us pronunciation of different words. Dictionaries that can be saved on your computer helps the linguists to look for transcription of words. . Furthermore a student of linguistics can check for plagiarism in content of his thesis or assignments. Same is the case with teachers who use softwares to check for plagiarism.

Linguists also take the help of computers for storing/retrieving examples from human language that are in written form or spoken (orally). These are then used by lexicographers to write dictionaries and by syntax experts to write books of grammar.

Filters On Web search

Computers also provide an assistance in using filters on websites e. g; In schools we use filters so that websites with some particular words are blocked so that children can not see them.

A lot of efforts have been made so that computer can identify/apprehend certain voice commands. The computers can not identify the novel commands. Furthermore it can not understand the terms that are spoken differently i. e the way of pronunciation of the person is different. In addition different softwares have been installed in computers to bring out some definite sounds. One program in a computer related to phonetics can replicate all the sounds of IPA alphabet with great reliability.

Dialogue based applications

There are many applications of computer that are related to language. First of all we can talk about the automatic services provided to customers over telephones e. g; To tell about bugs or trouble in device or for order booking.

The basic aim of lexicography in computers is to find the structure, pattern and applications of E-books such as dictionaries in processing of natural language.

In a nutshell we can say that computer are vital in linguistics. A lot of research work in linguistics has been done using computers. These gadgets have helped in survey and interpretation of language.

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