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Role of Media in Pakistan: Analytical Essay

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The most important question nowadays is what is the Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay Positive, Negative? The role of media in every country is very much significant and crucial because it is the one who is responsible to create a good image or even destroy the created image in the country as well as even millions of its respondents outside the country. When we talk about a country like Pakistan than we should not forget the role of media in its downfall and its negative image which is being created all over the globe, according to my media should be very much liberal but still, it should not be so much liberal and free that it should make fun of significant and critical personalities and names of the country. The role of media in Pakistan is very much negative as they are just running into the competition and not for the sake of the nation; they are very much less patriotic and nationalist because they have the aim for the success of their particular organization and not the success of the nation.

This competition has dented the image of Pakistan in the entire world as we have destroyed the fame, respect, and dignity in the entire globe just because of the unlimited freedom of media and liberalization. There is no doubt that media should be liberal and should have the right to say or to show anything but one thing should be kept in mind that they should not affect the national interest as well as the national interest and the national dignity of the state.

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According to me, the media in Pakistan should play a role that should be helpful in the cause of reviving the lost respect and dignity. The media should be fair and should show what is real but instead of making fun of the political leaders or even the head of the states, they should be carrying out such programs that should be eye-opening and realistic, and instead of fun making they should play their key role in the upbringing of the national interest as well as the for the sake of national cause.

The media should create an example in the entire world that the image of Pakistan which is being created in the entire world is just false and is just an illusion created by the world mafia against the Muslim countries especially against Pakistan. So if Pakistan has to regain respect and dignity then the media of Pakistan has to fill the gap and will have to step forward and take up the responsibility for this respective cause. So, this is all about the Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay Positive, Negative. Share your point of view in the comment section about what you think about the role of media in Pakistan.

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