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Role of Media in Strengthen Social Movement: Analytical Essay

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To have a better understanding about this topic, we need to analyze the definition of new technology. New technology can be defined as any set of productive techniques which can offer significant improvement in many aspects of life especially in a globalize era where the dependency of new technology is much more important and needed by everyone. The definition of new technology also can be define as a science applied to practical purposes which is the theoritical idea of producing it is coming from science background to actually produce it and canbe used practically by human. Thus, we can see a successive change in technology up till now as a modern set of advanced technology born every single time. The examples of new technology can be seen from the information technology, network, art and music, artificial intelligence that is extually expand over time to make human life become more easier and better. However, the new technology that is most interest and prominet in current world is the information and communication technology. This because the fuction and role of information and communication technology cannot be deny is so important in a daily life, can be for education based, working and also for socially inteaction. Morever, when the term of information and communication technology come to mind, we cannot resist the role of media.

Media is evolving over time and the role is also changing because of the demanding of people. It was started early 3000BC to 1500BC during the historic age where media is already started been utilized by human for example the development of writing on the cave. The fuction of this is to actually inform and deliver message, signs and also information the group of community. This era could be the catalyzed for the growing of the function of media. Then, move to the industrial era during 1600 to 1800 where the born of printing press like Chicago Times that was the first printing press that was printed. This invention eventually sparked a revolution of media for communication methods. Next is duirng the electronic age where many countries in the world started to produced a telecommunication technology methods and devices that actually can connect two or more user during one time for a conversation. This can be seen through the born of telephone by Graham Bell.[footnoteRef:1] Lastly and the most recently is the information era right now where mass media like the internet is created that can connect people worldwide in the world and also spread the info as the function of transmitter. This role and the evolution of media is really affecting us in many aspect and ofcourse to the world of politics. [1: “Evolution of Media Throughout the Ages Timeline.” Timetoast,]

The role modia in the world of politics is firstly, it is playing an crucial role in a democratic community. The primary purpose is to inform the public about the information needed about the leadership and policy in the country so that they can have thoughtful decision regarding those two aspects. This is very important because to make sure that there is no hidden agenda abouts the political leaders and to make sure they are doing their job scope rightly. As media act as a watchdog to checking of the goverment actions, it can provide the agenda for public discussion for any issue and provide a forum for political expression. We have lots of social media and even forum on the website where we people can discuss any topics and address ministers to taken action of the topic presented and also this will create a pressure to the them to actually deliver the action because of the eyeings on them. Morever, the role of media is to faciliate a more active role for the public in political discourse. This because new media enhance people’s access to political info and foster the participation. With the help of internet, you can know any issues all around the world with on click and one second. This make easier for people especially the youth to start engaging with political discourse eventhough they are working and busy with many other things. The leaders also have the chance to deliver their message, role, mission and goal to public and explain their works within second.

However, the role of media is also giving a big impact towards helping the successful of social movement. One of the the role of media in strengthening the social movement is to giving platform to social movement achieve their mission. As in a globalize world where you dont have to stick to a traditional way of protest where you need to go to rally and shout, now you can deliver your solidarity through social media and internet and can gather all people around the world that have similar mission and idea like you to fight for the course we believe in. As a result, this will create more pressure because the voice is not only coming from the coutry itself but also all around the world. Secondly, the role of media in strengthening social movement is where you can collect fund to fund your activity. A great financial stability will actually enhance your activites because you can use that to fund for lawyer if needed to help the the victim that you are fighting for. This also can give you the ability to fund the movement in a long term especially if it is a physical movement where you need to back up for the transportation, food and etc.

My case study is about the All Out Movement. All Out Movement is basically figthing for the LGBT right all around the world. This because people view it is illegal for LGBT people to express their personalities, their sexual attraction and their identity. In many more, LGBT people face appalling discrimination and exclusion that is can be found in the workplace, in school or even as an individual. This is really unfair because as human being you should have been treated equally for who you are and it is something wrong to descriminate others just beacuse of their sexuality when they have so much things to offer bet it their potential and skills This leads to the LGBT movement to fighting back against this elemental injustice for over half a century and it has achieved incredible results and one the example will be provided after this. The mission All Out Movement is using the power of new technology to support LGBT activism across the world. It can be through respectful partnerships and collaboration that connect millions of citizens so that they can involve to take action, to donate and joining campaigns for LGBT rights. Through collaboration, they raise the volume from many level which is local, national, regional and international. They do this work because they want to help create a world of true equality and fair deal for LGBT people everywhere and end bigotry and discrimination. The partnership and participation of people aorund around the world can be seen as result of the Grassroots Giving where it is a groundbreaking fundraising programme connecting all Out’s members to collect a small donations through online medium to fund the work of local groups around the world fighting to end equality, discrimination and injustices against LGBT people. All Out will provide a platform in their website for people to make a donation and also the grassroots to apply the funding from the range from US$5,000 to US$7,000 for a specific project. This activity enable to reach out grassroots all around the world the world to help the LGBT community.[footnoteRef:2] [2: All Out Strategies 2016-2019, retrieved on 5th november 2019, from /AllOut_Strategy_2016-2019]

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This movement also hold on social movement theory which is Theory of Change where they believe that they can make a change towards the perception towards LGBT people and also to change any policy making that created being unfair toward the group of minority. They basically will use the medium of digital communications, campaigning and mobilisation to channel this people power and believe that this online activity has real world impact in changing laws, ending discrimination and changing the rules and regulation and open poeple’s view. They connect activists and the broader public, providing an opportunity for people to stand together in common cause on LGBT rights. This, as result will gather strength between them and eventually can we sure the movement they held will be succeed.

One of the successful All Out Movement is through the online petition which is towards the two tenenage girls in Morocco were facing three years in prison over a kiss and hug. All Out together with Collectif Aswat and Association Akaliyat (an organzation that against discrimination based on gender and sexuality) launced a global petition to push the Morrocon authorities to release the girls. The petition is spread globally worldwide using the All Out Twitter medium[footnoteRef:3] and as a result, All Out succeed to gather more than 104,000 members all around the world to sign the petition. After the first court hearing, the girls were released on bail, unfortunately, the charges were not took out from them. The again All Out put the pressure to the authority by teamed up with L’Union Feministe which is a feminist and intersectional NGO created in 2016 to fight against all forms of violence based on gender and sexuality. [footnoteRef:4] [3: Hocking, L. (2018). Technology has always been at the forefront of social movements. How the Internet can accelerate social movements. Retrived from] [4: Morocco : the girls are free, Retrieved on 5 November 2019, from]

These two organizations launched a new online tool where it provides people around the world to sign in to the link and express their solidarity by sending the postcards to support directly to the girls and as a result, more than 1700 all Out Members took part in this campaign. After a week of campaigning, the girls were found innocent by the court. This proved that, eventhough there is no traditional movement involved by going down to the road yet still they managed to fight for the course they believe in and they will try to connect All Out members all around the world to battle for LBGT rights through campaigning and solidarity through the media.

This shows eventough the decision of punishment is already made by the authority to give sentence 3 years towards the girls however, with the effort people around the world to create pressure is eventually help to released them. It is occured even with nonvilent action and only required to give solidarity towards online petition and social media like Twitter to propagate the mission. It is proven that even if it is through the medium of media but the efficiently is cannot be denied.

In conclusion, the role of media in strengthen social movement is cannot be denied because it has become new tool in conducting many activities in a globalization day. One should utilze it carefully and manage it in a right way then it result will be the utmost benefiting to all around the world. Also, as social movement is not unsual thing nowadays, the organizer should know the current way in connecting the supporter to support their campaign and that can be achieve through the awareness of media. Morever, the use of media is being used in many range of age, then it is the most useful especially to create attention towards the youth about certain movement so that they become aware and joining, this beacuse the youth power is undenieble useful because they have energy and strength and can be used to change policy making towards the betterment.


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