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Role of Narrative Techniques in Literature: “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman

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What is the point of art (Literature)? Literature is a type of human expression. Be that as it may, not all things express in words in any event, when sorted out and recorded is considered writing. Certain types of writing, however, are all around viewed as having a place with literature as an art. Individual endeavors inside these structures are said to succeed in the event that they have something many refer to as artistic merit and to fizzle on the off chance that they don’t. Personally, I’m not a reader as much but what David Wallace’s teacher said was something I agree with. A great fictional story should be able to comfort the disturbed and definitely disturb the Comfortable.

Narrative techniques provide deeper meaning for the reader and help the reader use imagination to visualize situations. Narrative literary techniques are otherwise called literacy devices. artistic components in stories incorporate the setting, plot, subject, style or structure, characters, and point of view, or perspective since literary techniques are best understood with regards to one of these components. Literacy techniques with regard to style, or the language picked to recount to a story, incorporate analogies, metaphors, personification etc. and strategies significant to plot, which is the arrangement of occasions that make up a narrative, incorporate backstory, flashback, flash forward. While strategies important to the narrative point of view, or who is recounting to the story, incorporate first person, second person and third person.

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This all comes back to how David Wallace described art. Art is a form of expressions, literature is another way the narrator can share a personal experience or what is going on in his/her head and as humans. “Part of what we humans come to art is for an experience of suffering, necessarily a vicarious experience” (David Wallace). We all deal with so many mixed emotions and pain in the world and something small as a short story or fiction can make people feel better and not alone. For instance, one of the short stories that was done is class that I connected with in a personal level was “Tow Kinds” by Amy Tan. Reading that story almost made me feel like someone had written a short story about my life, my childhood. I’m in the United states for school instead of being a citizen and that was the only difference between me and Jing mei. The parenting method her mother followed was so similar to mine, and reading “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, opened my eyes to look at the situation in a whole new way. My mother wanted me to be a child prodigy, she wanted me to do so many things and she’d always say “If I were you and was given this opportunity when I was young, I’d be in a much better place.” Now that I say it out loud and after reading Tow Kinds I realized, Yes, she wanted the best for her little girl but maybe she also kept pushing me since she never had that childhood. The more I thought about it, it made more sense. I could also relate to how Jing mei was feeling at the end of the story. I now regret not doing almost everything my mother pushed me to do.

The other story example would be “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman. A self-portraying account fictionalized in the first-person narrative, it describes the slow emotional decay of a young wife and mother who is experiencing postpartum depression, undergoes a ‘rest cure,’ that involves severe bed rest and absolutely no mental stimulation. She complains that her husband John, who is also her doctor, belittles both her illness and her thoughts and concerns in general. there’s nothing much I can personally relate to in this story but I thought this was a very interesting story. The woman in the story was admitted to a mental health facility by her physician husband. As painful as it is these are things that happen in families in the real world. This story opens our minds to the thought of, maybe this woman was dealing with inner demons and everything that was happening in the room wasn’t real? It’s as if the narrator was trapped in this room or rather her mind herself. This story has a personal connection to the writer according to my opinion. At the point when the narrator identifies herself with the lady caught in the wallpaper, she sees that other women are compelled to crawl and hide behind the patters of their lives, and that she herself is the one needing saving. The horror of this story is that the narrator must lose herself first in order to find herself and get better.

In conclusion, I do agree with David Wallace’s statement, the television and movies these days stop people from opening up their minds and personally connecting to a character or a story, whereas Literature opens that door for the people. People can make a personal connection and/or relate to the narrator especially when the story is written in first person narrative. Personally, this form of narrative is the best way to connect with the reader. The great part about literature is it allows us to read a story and understand it in our own ways, this could be different from person to person, it also makes us be creative and use our minds to understand the stories in a deeper level whereas movies or TV drama has one idea, one plot and that’s the only way that story can be told. This has led to the current generation being “lazy and childish” as David Wallace put it. People have gotten used to television stories that they don’t want to put in the effort to read and appreciate fictional stories in the present day.

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