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Role Of President Kennedy During Cuban Missile Crisis

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JFK was showing the country what was going on within the government and was showing that he can be trusted as a president who cares for his country. During that time there were scandals from the government hiding secrets from the U.S so when he shared the information with the citizens it was proving that he is reliable and that he can be trusted. The president obviously has to have decent ethics to become the President of the United States but there have been times where the president’s ethics were not what they seemed to be.

JFK shows extensive background knowledge of what he is talking about and presenting in his speech. He demonstrates that he has control of the situation and is notifying the country because it was the right time and the right evidence.

JFK is also showing his values of protecting the country when he demands that the missiles are removed and all building of weapons cease in Cuba. If JFK had not confronted the soviet union his morals would have seemed questionable the listeners would have lost a sense of good ethics in their president.

JFK establishes his credibility through the immediate actions he took to protect his people. It showed his good sense of character and his loyalty to the U.S people along with a trustworthy figure to govern the country. These are all factors that go into the credibility that JFK had before and after his speech. JFK was the first Roman-Catholic president and became the president of the “new generation of Americans”, which showed through his optimism and charm.

In 1941, he joined the U.S. Navy Reserve and was a pilot in WW2 where he received many medals such as the Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for saving two groups of marines while he served. These are just two of the awards JFK was given before he become president. These medals show that not only would he talk about protecting the United States and their interests but he will also physically fight and risk his own life for the safety of others and his country which creates an impressive psyche for the people.

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JFK also grew up in a home with politics and he was very well versed with politics himself, which gave him a set of skills used to help in his presidency and to direct the situation for the government. In 1946, JFK finally burst on the political scene, becoming a congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Then six years later as congressmen he won a seat on the Senate in 1953. Seven years later he ran for President of the United States and became President in 1961. making him a steadfast, firm, and confident leader.

With being just moments away from nuclear war, JFK kept a calm face and encouraging voice to the American people because he knew that is what they needed. This was very useful to the people because they needed someone to tell them what was going on and what might happen along with the fact that the U.S was going to do anything necessary to keep the country safe.

In his speech, he starts by announcing that the American spy plane Reconnaissance had discovered that “a series of offensive missile sites” was being formed in Cuba. He continued, “the purpose of these bases can be none other than to provide a nuclear strike capability against the Western Hemisphere”. This was a huge threat to America if the soviet union was building long-range weapons, capable of striking almost anywhere across the continental United States. The missiles were capable of hitting almost all major cities in the United States including Washington DC. This information scared the American people but helped them prepare for what might happen. The Americans knew that they could trust what JFK was saying because of the trust they had gained from him.

The vocabulary that JFK uses is intentional to get the audience to understand why he is going to take the actions he will take and how important the situation is. The situation is so important that he brought it to the attention of the whole world, knowing that he would be able to gain allies along with the trust and support of the American people. As president, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything for the safety of the country without the support of the people and other parts of the government. Through his speech, he helps others understand how important it is and what could happen if he doesn’t take proper actions immediately. His speech helped get the instant support he needed because of how urgent and important the whole situation was and could end up.

The president’s words indicate his knowledge of and power over the American armed forces as he outlines his seven-step process. His plan was to increase the military presence in Cuba and further derive Russia in their “course of world domination”. He began by justifying the course of action as the Commander in Chief, stating he is acting “in the defense of our own security and of the entire Western Hemisphere.

Throughout the moving speech, President Kennedy uses rhetorical techniques to argue the danger placed upon the world by Russia’s aggressive actions, but also maintain a trusting relationship with his country and its allies. President Kennedy is firm and undaunted in his statements. His qualifications as President of the United States and bold words help convince listeners that Russia’s actions do indeed place a threat to national security. His language throughout his address is direct and clear, adding to his credibility and logical appeal. His early life helped to mold him into a president that was bold enough to confront the arduous task of negotiating with Chairman Khrushchev.

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