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Role of The Great Migration in the Development of African-American Society: Analytical Essay

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The Great Migration led to changes that brought prosperity to most, however very little did they understand, it might come with a price. That price was endured through various social, economic, and political challenges that occurred during this harsh time in black history. Many opportunities were obtainable for families that would travel so much to require advantage of opportunities that might begin a brand new starting. The Great Migration was a movement of hope that there is a land that is free of oppression and strife. However, black families in the north faced issues that were troubling and contradicting to their belief of the north. Their thoughts of living racism free and gaining economic power was far fetched when they experienced the challenges of the north. The challenges blacks faced during the Great Migration paved the way for numerous opportunities and breakthroughs we have experienced and have not experienced today.

The many social problems blacks faced within the south ready them for what they'd be facing within the north. Blacks coming from a background of slavery continued to following them through the many years of the migration. The Great Migration caused a great deal of social challenges as a result of for hundreds of years blacks were treated like animals. They were not able to find their niche in an economy that was not created for them. Social issues such as Jim Crow laws, racism, discrimination, prejudice, and other issues that effect a certain population of people, all played a role in the degrading of blacks in the north and south. Blacks struggled with these issues as many of them traveled north in hopes to create better lives for themselves and their families. However, blacks created their own sense of socialization in their communities. Churches were built so that many blacks could gather and worship together as a family separated from white people. These churches did numerous deeds for their communities. They offered education, cloths, food, employment opportunities, and temporary shelter for those families coming from the north who were not ready for the challenges they would face. To continue their fight to socially education their brothers and sisters, they established many organizations that would help build both leadership and social skills.

Without truly knowing what the north would brings blacks had no choice but to make a decision. Anything is better that what they were enduring in the south so the decision seemed necessary. African American southerns knew that taking a chance may be the only option they have to freedom. Blacks struggled with discrimination at it best in the north. They battled trying to get proper housing in the best neighborhoods because whites did not want them there. Blacks continued to face racism when in public and even in the schools. Schools were segregated and lacked social support in the black communities. Blacks started to build their own communities because of the lack of support and issues targeting race.

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African Americans would also be facing economic challenges as they traveled to the north. They were not able to get the best jobs. In fact, they wound up with jobs that needed little skills. These jobs were dirty, backbreaking, low-paying, and unskilled occupations. For women, working in the workforce was a bit different. The migration also gave women an opportunity to work and support their families. Even though jobs were limited for women they were able to progress toward living in better conditions. Occupation for women consisted of garment industry, packing houses, steam laundries, domestic servants, and service-related occupations. This helped African Americans live better lives but the cost of living in the north was significantly higher than the south. African American 's paid twice as much as their whites for the same houses. Discrimination was present in every aspect of black lives in the north when attempting to take advantage of various opportunities. The labor market was less favorable to black workers in 1940 than they were in the World War 1 era. The percentage of unemployment was high in the white population and most of them participated in work relief programs. For blacks this meant that they were at risk of job opportunities because whites would get hired before turning to African American labor. The Fair Employment Practice Committee had to monitor the hiring practices and this aided many blacks employment for at least during the war. Reality exposed that the North was not the paradise migrants perceived nor the fabled opposite of the South.

The Great Migration was the driving force that push most of the actions of voting rights and bring people together to overcome political challenges. In order to gain the attention of the government blacks had to organize different groups and have small acts of resistance to make a point that things need to change politically.The Great Migration also lead into different eras such as the Harlem Renaissance. This era gave blacks the power to voice their opinion through art, music, paintings, poems, folktales, and many other outlets that was created by African American's. Harlem Renaissance was a period of enlightenment to the white society. This was a period where blacks unleashed their talents to the world and commanded them to pay attention.

Blacks faced social, economic, and political issues in the north that could have pushed them to give up but they did not. The many challenges they faced forced them to maintain a goal in their minds of freedom and wanting to be treated as a human with rights. The Great Migration set the platform for many accomplishments seen today in politics. It brought about opportunities so that families could build and manage their lives rather than have someone manage it for them. The Great Migration brought about challenges and change because African American 's knew that it was time for a change. With this movement they brought about change and conquered the challenges that came with it. That opened up a door of opportunities for generations to come. Without the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance, the world we live in could have been drastically different.

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