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Role Play And Reflective Essay On General Practice

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In this essay I am going to be reflecting on the role play when I was a General practitioner and meeting a patient who is 55 years old , self-employed and has type 1 diabetes . I will be demonstrating the working skills with one-to-one client. It will also look at the effective communication, listening and good technique of asking questions when working with the individual letting them express what is wrong with them . Gibbs (1998) reflective cycle will be applied as it gives a clear layout for the reflective which includes the six main stages; description of the event, feelings, evaluation, analysis conclusion and action plan. Baird and winter (2005) states the reasons why the reflective is so important in practice. This is because when the professional reflects, they will gain more knowledge on what they have done, which will also help to be able to cope in a new situation and develop self-esteem and satisfaction as well as the values of professionalizing practice.

In the role play I was a General practice meeting with a 55-year-old man, self-employed who has Type 1 diabetes complaining of feeling more and more tired and his sleeping pattern is very poor. According to NHS Choice (2011) a General practice they have role and responsibility to the patients which, are to be able to give advice on treatment and educate on the disease to help with preventable. They also put the patients first and give quality of practice and care; Good Medical Practice, (2013). Their responsibility is to check for the long-term health issues and help the patients by the way in which they can manage their condition long-term, while with the other medical health professionals. However, as a General practitioner they look at the whole person physical, mental, social, spiritual, cultural and economic aspects. All the General practice they follow the NHS code of practice (2003) which is the document that all the staff need to agree on. This is used to treat all the patents with respect and care to everyone regardless of their ethnicity. It also helps to avoiding the harassment and maintaining confidentiality and respecting patient rights to accept or reject the advice from the General practice.

I was meeting a 55-year-old man, self-employed who has been Type 1 diabetes, so he has been feeling more tired and his sleeping pattern is poor over the past four months. His wife has insisted for he should see the doctor as he is becoming forgetful when taking his medication and he has also gained some weight. As a Type 1 diabetes patients requires a life time insulin treatment to live long and when it is not well managed, and the levels of glucose are high it is a life threatening; Clark (2004).

Looking at the medical history he his hypertensive and he smokes and his Habc1 from the recent blood test it has increased from 8 to 9.5 %. When he came, I check his blood pressure which was 145/85 mm/Hg which was higher for his age. When I was communicating with the patient, I have made sure that I have made the eye – contact and sate on a relax position for they to feel free to express how they are feeling. reference

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During my role play as General practice, I was feeling nerves because I was afraid of getting things wrong. However according to reference being nerves is normal especially it Is the first time. However, I was always being involved in working with the elderly in a care home, so I have used my communication skills and my listening skills which help me to be able to find a way in which I can encourage the patient in managing their diabetes. On the one- to – one some of the working skills where to effectively communicate and active listening so that I can give enough feedback and empathy. This was so important as I will need to speak slowly and clearly that the patients have understood the ways in which they can take their medication. For example some of the guidance in managing his diabetes was to have a food diary so he can keep track of the food and the one which one he need to cut down more off. I have also explained to him that having the reading of higher blood sugar for a long time can lead to the development of complication such as diabetes ketoacids. I referred him for the therapy to help with managing his diabetes and also encourage him to try and avoid food which ae higher in sugar and to keep a food diary with him so he can keep track of the food which he has eaten. (Reference. I was able to maintain the confidentiality to the patients using the NMC Code of conduct (2008). I have used the some of the theory such as converging

The General Medical Council (2013) suggested some of the ethical and values that we came across on the role play. These are having the confidentiality for the patien. This is very important as the professional I don’t have to share the information of my patients with anyone. However, confidentiality can only be broken when the patient and other people around at risk of harm. The other ethical that I have came across was the informed consent to the patient. Informed consent is giving the patient choice to make decision about their treatment of care. when a person is giving consent to have their family involve in their care, they can decide to say no after they have agree with it. It is very important for the individual values to be understood as it helps the professional to improve patients centred care.

One of the strengths that I had in role play was that I managed to prepare myself with the real-life scenario and the second strength was that I was able to meet up and communicate effectively with my peers during role play. However, during the role paly I had some weakness which fear of was getting thigs wrong. In future, I will be aiming to be more prepared and practice more of the professional role with the patients.

To conclude, this experience of having the role play has taught me a lot that it’s not always easier that I would met the patients you will have much confident. I have made sure that I am engage in the patients to be able to help him. It’s also shows me the effective relationships that patients and health care professional allow information to be covered.

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