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Roles And Significance Of Academic Pharmacists

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Academic pharmacist or researcher plays an important role as an educator and a leader to create an influential impact to the graduates in terms of self-confidence, communicating effectively, create a good teamwork. Nowadays, fresh graduates are good academically but do not possess soft skills. So, the young graduates need to possess good command of language to interact with patients. These skills are provided by the academic pharmacist. The role of an academic pharmacist is that they teach the pharmacy students, help and supervise in scientific research, publishing journals and involve in administrative activities.

As well all know that, communication is a two-way process. A good communications skills are essential to convey the message clearly to assist the students to carry out their work tasks given. If a leader fails to relate the vision, they will not be able to achieve the goal. Besides that, in order to develop leadership skills in the lecture academic pharmacist must carry out group activities to develop leadership skills. For example, the lectures play an important role in developing leadership by giving group assignments and to assign a leader to complete the work given by the given deadline. The members in each group will work hand-in-hand to produce a desirable results. These skills can be used during work in the future. Therefore, effective communication must be applied clearly and in a concise manner in important situations to avoid complicated situations during procedures and to understand and carry out the instructions. These communications are important for the young pharmacists to provide counselling to the patients correctly from different backgrounds like languages, age, understanding and application of medication to ensure the knowledge comprehended by the patients. Furthermore, the leaders must train the students to be humble, friendly and speak in simple language while attending to a patient.

Besides verbal communication, there is also nonverbal communication. Academic pharmacists must also teach nonverbal communication. For an example, body contact , facial expressions, sounds ,postures, appearance, head, eye and hand movements. For an instance, the young pharmacists can smile, shake hands, being tidy, nodding their heads and waving their hands politely to the patients and other colleagues. This will create a harmonious and healthy environment.

Academic pharmacist are required to make good decisions which comes from good judgement. This is known as holistic judgement. A successful leader comprehend the good result as needed while making decisions. This leaders will help the young pharmacists in making significant decisions in clinical and management which comes in patient care.

Instructional leadership skills found in academics or researchers establish clear goals, lesson plans to enhance students learning and understanding . This will strengthen the quality of the education and young graduates. It also improves the reputation of the university. Academic pharmacist must posses basic leadership to guide the young graduates. For instances, doing research and organising events. The lectures must be inspired to play a vital role to lead the students in the correct direction.

Thinking forward is another important skills practised by the leaders to think about the future. This will enable the young graduates to be more confident and able to tackle challenges they face in their career. This will also prepare them stand out amongst the other candidates in a job search.

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The leaders must have good listening skills to understand the students and the problems they face and guide them. By having effective listening skills, the students are given the opportunity to voice out their opinions or problems they face to make a better decision when consulting the leaders. In this way, the young graduates are bold in the decision making in their daily lives. The young graduates are trained to adapt this listening skills to the patients and the other colleagues. For example, the patient might express their discomfort and illness freely to the pharmacists. This will make the feel comfortable in communicating without any barriers. If we fail to listen attentively to the patients, this may cause the patient to be reluctant and offended. Ineffective listening skills may cause dispute and egoism among the colleagues. This causes an unhealthy environment which may lead to groups among colleagues. Therefore, listening skills are vital to provide the good service and friendly approach towards the patients.

When an employee approaches with a problem, spend some time listening to what they have to say instead of shut them off. When practice active listening skills, one will become a very successful leader in the future. Generally, a good pharmacists must have a great listening skill as much as they speak. To build the confidence in communication, the speaker must maintain eye contact with the speaker. Besides that, do not interrupt when someone is speaking as it is considered being rude. We must also try to feel what the speaker is telling. Therefore, empathy is needed to understand the emotions . we should give frequent feedback when the speaker is talking so that they know that we are listening to them.


In conclusion, the academic pharmacist play an important to instil leadership skills in the young graduates. Besides that, they groom them well in their verbal and nonverbal communication to produce the best quality student to live up to the name of the university. In order to become a good leader, one must posses the leadership qualities like good communication skills, listening skills, holistic judgement, instructional skills and thinking forward to enhance oneself.

The need of leadership is essential for each and every pharmacists in every hospitals, industrial, academic and as well as community pharmacy. The pharmacists must make wise decisions before giving out the medication to the patients in hospital setting because it varies from each and every patient according to their age, gender, patient’s condition like renal and liver function , patient’s history and drug compatibility.

In the pharmaceutical industries, the pharmacists must be well equipped with the leadership skills as they play an important role in the efficacy and safety on the quality control of drugs. All regulatory pharmacist must understand that the legal and regulatory framework is constantly changing. Therefore, the pharmacists may face many challenges. So, the leadership qualities will come in hand to make a wise decisions in a situation.

In a nutshell, the leadership skills are the basic qualities of a successful pharmacist in any circumstances. Therefore, leadership skills must be developed in every pharmacy student as they are the backbone in the pharmaceutical line.


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