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Roman Republic Vs. Roman Empire

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The Roman Republic was successful because of Citizen-soldiers and the Punic wars, but viewed as a failure because the 12 table laws, and the citizen-soldiers as well. The citizen-soldiers were a success because they had a skillful army that was well trained and was very large, so they had no problems when invaders came, “Rome’s success was due to skillful diplomacy and to its loyal, well-trained army. The basic military included about 5,000 men”. The Punic Wars were also a success because it led to Rome becoming an empire with more land, and they conquered the city of Carthage, “In the first Punic war, Rome defeated Carthage and won the island of Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia. In the Third Punic War, Rome completely destroyed the 700-year-old city of Carthage. Carthage and the region surrounding it became the new Roman province of Africa”. The 12 table laws were a failure because the government failed to put them out for the people to see until they said something about it, because the farmers, merchants, and artisans did not really know what the laws were until they did this. “Plebeian demands for power shaped politics in the early republic. Rome inscribed on 12 tablets, which were set up in the Forum, Rome’s marketplace. For the first time, the Laws of the Twelve Tables made it possible for plebeians to appeal a judgement handed down by a patrician judge”. The citizen-soldiers were a failure also because if a soldier fled from battle they were to be put to death, “If a unit fled from battle, however, one out of every ten men from the disgraced unit was put to death”.

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The Roman Empire was able to be successful from Conquest and Julius Caesars reforms; however, it was unsuccessful because of Economic and social issues and invasions. Conquest was a success for the Roman Empire because along with trade, it gave them riches to make mansions and have luxuries. “Conquest and greatly expanded trade brought incredible riches into Rome. They built lavish mansions and filled them with luxuries”. Another success was Julius Caesar’s reforms, He gave jobs to people who didn’t have any and land to the poor. “He launched a program of public works to employ the jobless and gave the public land to the poor”. The failure of economic and social issues was that the city was being taxed a lot a money for the army and left a lot of poor farmers. “High taxes to support the army and the bureaucracy placed heavy burdens on business people and small farmers. As a result, many poor farmers left their land and sought protection from wealthy landowners”. Another failure was invasions, Rome got waves of invaders and its power was fading. “New waves of invaders were soon hammering at Rome’s borders, especially in the west. The Roman Empire had already lost many territories, and Roman power in the west had ended. By contrast, the Roman empire in the east would continue to flourish for centuries to come”.

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