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Looked up to as the “Mother of civil rights”, Rosa Parks’ actions made a great impact in the fight to end discrimination. Rosa Parks stood up, or rather, sat down, for what she believed in. No matter the result, Parks knew she needed to do what she believed was right. ...

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Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, And Rosa Parks As The Fighters Against Racial Discrimination

The world changes, but history stays. History stays over time by passing through the generations to remind people how the world used to be and how it changed because of the people who sacrificed their lives to fight for a better world. There were three famous people that changed the history of America because of their influences and inspiration. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks became popular in history by expressing the problems between White Americans and...
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The Life Of Rosa Parks By Douglas Brinkley

Rosa Parks by Douglas Brinkley is a compelling autobiography that portrays the life of Rosa Parks from her early childhood to the start of the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee Alabama, and lived in Montgomery most of her life after her parents separated. Growing up in Montgomery was hard for African Americans like Rosa. Her childhood taught her racial discrimination at an early age as she was constantly exposed to racial inequality....
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Rosa Parks' Bravery in the Struggle for Racial Equality

The twentieth century brought an era that changed the lives of every African American across the United States. The civil rights movement, a movement to see the cruelty that every African American faced on a daily basis, was one of the greatest events that took a step into somewhere we would’ve never expected during the 1950s. Many activists made themselves known during the movement, activist like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Park, just to name a few, were...
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Essay on Rosa Parks Courage

Courage is when you are aware of something that is wrong and unfair you want to stick to the right thing no matter what happens. Courage is not about being fearless. Fear is a very natural response when we are in danger. But courage will show us a way out of that dangerous situation safely. Fear actually saves us from danger. If you don’t overcome your fear you will have to worry about the danger for the rest of your...
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Rosa Parks Brave: A Fighter For The Rights Of Black People

At age 2, Rosa moved to her grandparent’s house with her mom and brother. She helped to work around their farm and picked cotton for a white farmer to earn some extra money. With the payment of only 50 cents a day, it felt like slavery. When Rosa was old enough she went to the local school for colored children in Georgia. It was a one-room classroom in which over 50 kids were forced to cram in. The school had...
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Rosa Parks: African American Sivil Rights Movement

Throughout the African American, civil rights movement opportunities were sought-after to spark an opportunity at rising conditions within the south. Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus was the fireplace to it spark. Rosa, standing up for herself one thing anyone person in today’s world would do, was in remission and placed in jail. While Rosa was in jail she caught the attention of many individuals within the civil rights movement, together with the leaders....
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Rosa Parks: Pioneer Of The Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks, conceived in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913, in was brought up in a time during which isolation was ordinary and dark concealment was a lifestyle. She lived with relatives in Montgomery, where she completed secondary school in 1933 and proceeded with her training at Alabama State College. She wedded her significant other, Raymond Parks, a hairstylist, in 1932. She functioned as an agent, a protection sales rep, and a tailor’s collaborator at a retail establishment. She was...
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To What Extent Was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the Result of Black Civil Rights Leaders?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was not a result of the black civil rights leaders. This can be seen in Mark Rathbone’s work when he states that in recent years the PBS documentary series ‘eye on the prize’, which was broadcasted in 1987, shows a breakthrough in the transition, placing more focus on common citizens who took part in the civil rights revolution. Additionally, the National Rights Museum in Selma, Alabama, which, was opened in 1993, puts an emphasis...
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