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Safety And Fairness

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The occupational health and safety is a multidisciplinary field which is concerned with the health safety and welfare of the people at the workplace. The goals of the occupational safety and the health programs is providing a safe and healthy workplace. The OSH protect the workers, employers, the family members, customers and many other who ate affected by the environment of the workplace. The occupational health deals with the different aspects of health and safety in the workplace. Those people who are working in the fields of medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, epidemiology, occupational medicines, human factors and ergonomics. This assignment is dealing with the demonstration of the management responsibilities of an organisation, effective and innovative evaluations of the principles of the occupational health. It is also dealing with the application of the concepts in the course of the topic by involving the case study which shows the importance and significance of the organisational management where a meeting was about to be organised by eight unit managers.


Responsibilities of the management in the organisation

Managers are in the organisation to influence all the phases of the recent organisations. The sales managers maintain the sales force which helps in marketing goods. Personnel managers provide organisations with a competent and productive workforce. The famous management author Peter Trucker highlighted this specific point when he said that

Effective Management is the main resource of developed countries and the most needed resource of developing ones (Jamali, El and Harwood 2015). Any organisations whether it is developed or developing, require different good managers. The role of the Management is to take forward an organisation to achieve the goals by assigning activities that organisation members perform (Rosemann and vom 2015). If the managers are confident that all of the activities are made effectively, then the production of each worker will contribute to attain the goals of the organisation. Management helps in encouraging the activity of the individual which will lead to reach the organisational goals and in discouraging the individual activities which will hamper the achievement of the organisation objectives. The meaning of the Management is given by its goals and objectives. In the given case study, there were eight managers in total who were about to put the cases of each units and the whole group would work on this.

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Effective and innovative solutions to OH & S, equity and meeting issues

The occupational health and safety is a field which is concerned with the safety, health and welfare of the people. Most of the researches done till now are related to the well-being and security of the employees which illustrated that the high rates of destruction which happens principally because of the insufficient safety and other frame works of the health systems. Past examinations have demonstrated that the effective methods of the measurement of the famous execution of the organisation is done by utilising the mixture of the quantitative or the qualitative security estimations. Different components of health and safety should be broken down in order to improve the development of the security execution. It is not at all necessary to concentrate on the OHS in the frameworks of the administration, rather they need to control the danger accord to the OHS executives (Sinelnikov, Inouye and Kerper 2015). This appeared to be different in relation with the mentalities of the vase organizations which show that OHS can be incorporated in the frameworks of the administration. As mentioned in the case scenario, an employee had been suffering from diabetes, so she was worried about how she would manage the foods because of the time of the meeting. The organization must keep in mind that they should include the health and wellbeing of the employees in the meetings. The principles of equity are expensive guidelines which guaranteed reasonable representation of the working women, the native peoples, minority peoples and persons of disabilities. The employee equity can be accomplished when the organization or the occupation run the business by undertaking exceptional measures, settlement of the contracts and programs in removing the barriers (Tangcharoensathien, Mills and Palu 2015).

Before calling for a meeting, it is important for the managers to know what is needed by the people. Some situations are benefitted from conducting a meeting, and in other conditions, one is unnecessary. There are some common circumstances in which a meeting is needed (Modjarrad, et al. 2016). Meetings are conduced while managing any projects, supervising the needs of the people, at the time of interacting with the clients and in addressing the problems of the workplace.

Application of the management concepts

The term management is sometimes used to refer to the persons who are occupying the managerial positions along with the activities which manage the performance of the managers. There are different concepts of management which can be applied in the case scenario:

  • The management as an economic source- According to the economist, management is one of the factors of production apart from the other factors of land, work, money and entrepreneurship. In the small enterprises, the owner can himself act as a manager. However, in large corporations, the ownership and the management are different. Management is an active factor of production as it concludes and integrates the other factors. The managers of the give case study must involve proper use the economic factors in conducting the meeting (Baumgartner and Rauter 2017).
  • The management are seen as a class- The sociologists notice management as a separate class in society having its own status system. With the increased importance of the organizations and the requirement for their exceptional management, the managers have become one of the powerful groups in the society. This class consists of various types of managers like family and professional managers, and civil servants who help in managing the public enterprises, etc. The management team of any organization is comprised of all executives starting from the chief executive to the supervisors (Serban et al., 2016).
  • The management as the system of authority- There is a specific hierarchy of authority among people who are working in an organization. Managers at separate levels possess different degrees of authority. Generally, the managers who are at the higher level have the authority to prepare the goals and strategies of the company while those at the lower level are approved for executing the plans and strategies for achieving the desired objectives. The managers of the give case study should have divided the works among themselves to make their work easier (Boland 2016.).
  • The management as completely a different discipline- As the field of academic discipline, management can be considered to be a planned body of knowledge. It is moderately a new mode of learning and is being taught in different universities and institutes of management. Different specialized courses have been developed in several new branches of management (Zupic and Čater 2015).
  • The management as a process- The management is the process through which all the assets are prepared and consumed to attain extreme output and efficiency through smallest in out. The process of management consists of planning, forming, enrollment, guiding and controlling of human labors in order to attain common objectives. The managers of the case study must ensure that the result of the meeting that was going to be conducted should bring maximum outputs (Zupic and Čater 2015).


The occupational health deal with the health and safety of the workers or the employers. It is more focused on the primary interventions in preventing the occupational hazards. Though the work provide the workers with many economic and other benefits, a wide range of workplace hazards create risk of health and safety of workers at the workplace. The risks are not only of the different chemicals but it also involves the psychosocial risk factors. The case study showed the risk factors associated with different workers of the organization. Each and every person are busy with their own risks and problems, so the if the workers stop thinking about their persona problems and start thinking the problems of the organization, then only the successful outcomes of the meetings would be achieved.


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