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Safety Engineering In Civil

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My report is based on the topic safety engineering under the construction field as also known as civil engineering. First of all let me give you a brief description about engineering. Even though there are many definitions, simply engineering is science, innovation and technology with design, machines and structures. Engineering uses math, science, especially physics, chemistry and computing, electronics and construction, to improve the world around us. Engineering is also quite clearly a problem-solving process. It clearly is made up of business organizations trading goods and services for money and they must make some profit to survive. Society needs and expects food, clothing, power supplies, shelter, transport systems, and accommodation and so on. All of these require an infrastructure of engineered products. The engineer has a different set of problems than that of the scientist. In planing and building a structure, for instance, the engineer has problems about which decisions must be made. If adequate data are not available then judgment and experience must be used to overcome the difficulty. Therefore there is no choice-a decision must be made. The research scientist is not forced to make practical decisions about matters that are both central to his purpose and highly uncertain. For the engineer, experience and judgment must take over when scientific knowledge fails.

We know that there are so many engineering fields, such as Electronic, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Marine, Mining, CS, Environmental, Textile and so on. Mainly electronic and electrical fields deal with electricity so obviously they are hazardous; in addition, chemical engineering field deals with chemicals; in fact, there may be threats for the physical health conditions. In construction fields obviously there are so many hazards. As Sri Lankans, we know that Sri Lanka is a developing country therefore basically construction field plays a major role in engineering fields in Sri Lanka. In addition, according to my opinion it is one of the most unsafe engineering fields in the world. Therefore it is better to talk safety about in civil engineering.

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Construction engineering field basically works with building roads, dams, canals, airports, bridges, railways, towers and so on. And also, we know that literally it is about civil engineering. Civil engineering influences a large number of our every day things. The structures we live in and work in, the transportation offices we use, the water we drink, and the seepage and sewage frameworks that are important to our safety and prosperity are some of them. Civil engineers measure and map the earth’s surface, design and supervise the construction of bridges, tunnels, large buildings, dams, and coastal structures, plan, layout, construct, and maintain railroads, highways, and airports, devise systems for the control and efficient flow of traffic, plan and build river navigation and flood control projects, provide plants and systems for water supply and sewage and refuse disposal. Therefore it is clear that civil engineers are in risk of doing mostly unsafe constructions. Our developments, while they might be essentially for safe house or transportation, regularly incorporate stylish contacts that are there to make us like what we have manufactured. Thus, bridges have geometrical designs intended to support weight, but they also have an artistic detailing that defines the era in which they were built. In developing structures, bridges, civil engineers work with planners to build up the presence of the structure. Appalling structures speak to a fizzled correspondence between the two experts, a building that tumbles down, or can not be kept up, additionally speaks to a disappointment, however one that the structural architect could have forestalled. Civil engineering is considerably more than raising high rises or scaffolds. Most water treatment is structured and developed by civil engineers.

Let move on to the term safety. What is safety? Basically safety is the condition of being protected from harm; and also recognizing hazards in tolerable risk levels as well as situations. We know that Engineering is obviously a practical subject. Therefore, it is clear as engineers they should have to face hazards; in fact, it could be worse. Therefore, considering safety is a must in engineering disciplines. When dealing with the subject of safety in the engineering context, we may loosely divide it into two aspects – safety at the workplace and a career as a safety engineering professional – though the two are closely interlinked. Safety engineering aims to manage risk in the workplace by eliminating or reducing it to acceptable levels. As its name implies, safety engineering is about reducing failure, it so that the consequences will not be life-threatening.

Let we consider about the importance of risk management in safety engineering. As we talking about civil engineering; therefore, we will mainly talk about risk management in civil engineering field. Risk Management is a deliberate way to look at zones of risk in a certain project deliberately and decide how each ought to be dealt with. It is an administration apparatus that points to recognize the wellsprings of hazard and vulnerability, to decide their effect and to create reactions to the heading. A systematic evaluation of risk management has been divided into four. Classification of risks, identification of risks, risk analysis and risk response. Risk identification figures out what could happen that could influence the task goals and how these things can occur. The benefits of the procedure of risk management process improvement and the executives of construction projects and the effective utilization of resources. For construction projects, there are lot of number of features of hazards and misfortunes just as the unpredictable connections that impact it. Convoluted connections incorporate direct, indirect, obvious, suggested or unforeseeable dangers. Quality goals, destinations of time, cost targets are the three destinations of the venture the executives. In the construction project, the point of time is intently and inseparably connected to the objective expense. Subsequently the hazard and misfortune the board of the development time frame is a key component in the administration of construction risks or risks. Before risk can be managed clearly, it must first be identified. Then described, after that evaluated it.

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