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Safety of Food Products and Its Importance

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This was recently a talk over the news, social media platforms, radio broadcast and even on newspapers (e.g., TV Patrol, reported by News Anchor Karen Davila and Julius Babao, Manila Bulleti, published by Madelaine B. Miraflor on the 25th of October 2019) happened on the day of November 4, 2019. An ASF virus also known as African Swine Fever has spread all over the Philippines particularly Pampanga, Rizal, Bulacan, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Cavite Provinces and in Metro Manila that killed 62, 000 hogs so far. The current situation that day didn’t ring a bell for those meat business owners, specifically the pig meat business. On the 4th of November 2019, The Mekeni company has been dragged due to passing the African Swine Fever on their processed meat products. Their processing of meat has temporarily closed for further questioning and investigation for some of their product is already out on the market when that incident happened.

Health Undersecretary and FDA Officer-in-Charge Eric Domingo with the conducted test by the Standard Global Services (SGS) are the one who took action about the said violation and was submitted by the order of the Pampanga-based manufacturing.

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The Food Safety Act Of 2013 prohibits the use of contaminated meat in food and food processing, it is said that those who violate this law will face up to 12 years imprisonment and a fine of up to 1million pesos. The Mekeni stated that they would cooperate with the further investigation and cooperate with the government’s probe, support their review of protocols and agreed to make product inspections. After filing the lawsuit against Mekeni Co., their products were back on the market with negative result of ASF on the 26th of October 2019.

Food safety is one thing to consider as it depends on human health or safety. We should always maintain good hygiene while cooking, our hands should always be clean for snacking, otherwise it can cause foodborne viruses due to lack of culinary discipline. We should always have personal hygiene every time, when you enter inside the kitchen. This is an important part of cooking as it depends on the cleanliness of the food you are cooking, and you should always tie your hair and never forget to use a hair net, your nails should always be clean and above all should look presentable when you enter the kitchen. Utensils used in the kitchen should be kept clean because this chemical hazard that people can get can be a source of illness.

For me, as a human being, food safety is important because it involves human safety and health, and it must always be disciplined, as many illnesses can be caused by a lack of culinary discipline.

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