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Same Sex Marriage Can Solve The Problem Of Child Adoption

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Have you ever wondered why same-sex marriage is not legalized everywhere yet? I mean it’s just two lovers getting married, right? Some people think it’s an abomination to society….but why? People should be able to choose who they want to love. Remember when women didn’t have rights? Just because they thought that women were weak? This is no different. Same-sex couples are often criticized for picking their own gender over the other one but that’s not true. They don’t have a choice, since they were born that way so they can’t choose the other gender even if they wanted to. It’s already legal in a lot of places so why try and stop it now?

Let’s say we did legalize it, what would happen then? Well, according to a website on same-sex marriage, legalizing it would cause divorce rates to decrease, it will diminish youth suicide, it will increase the number of children successfully adopted, and so much more! How can it do all that?! It’s just marriage! Actually it’s not just marriage! It’s a step forward in society. Everyone said that equality was perfect after women got their rights, but they were so very wrong. Tons of same-sex parents have to work so hard just to adopt a kid, or to even get a good job! There are so many more lgbt people then we think, it’s just more than half of the people that commit suicide are part of the LGBT. They do this because they think they aren’t normal, or do it because of the pressure they are feeling when people hate on them. Showing them that we accept them as people, like we should, will make them feel more welcome and less outcasted in this world. They struggle so much already, with not feeling normal, when they are just as normal as me or you. Also allowing same-sex marriage will increase child adoption because we all know how children are made by now, and it just doesn’t work out for same-sex couples or marriages favor. Tons more children would be able to have a home causing less of those kids to go homeless.

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Most people who despise same-sex marriage are religious, scared of change, or just stupid. Out of those three, it’s religious people who are often the first ones to stand up and shout “I OBJECT!”. This is oftenly because they were taught from maybe even a young age that same-sex marriage was bad. Why? Because their religion said so. This does not apply to all religious people. This mostly applies to really religious people who would listen to any and everything that has to do with their religion. I can understand why they would not appreciate same-sex when it comes to religion, but sadly religious people are not the only homophobes. There are even some people who hate on same-sex just because it isn’t normal in their eyes, and normal is supposedly good. There are still quite a few countries that still don’t allow same-sex marriage. Italy, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Greece, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Thailand and Germany are just a few examples of those countries. Luckily, we are still pushing forward and hopefully we will be able to convince at least a few of these countries to legalize it.

Even if we do end up succeeding in legalizing same-sex marriage everywhere, there will still be people who disagree with it and there’s nothing we can do about that. People will stick to their opinions if they truly believe it. All we can do now is keep fighting for their rights as humans. If there is enough of us fighting, I know we will be able to achieve our goal. Even if people still disagree, even if there will still be hate, we just need to keep fighting. Then eventually after all our hard work I know it will pay off. If it doesn’t pay off in money it certainly will in smiles and love. By legalizing same-sex marriage we are not only making dreams come true of a lot of people of the lgbt but also a lot of depressed and orphaned kids that some homophobes might actually care about. So next time when you’re thinking how weird lgbt people are, remember to look more into it before opening your mouth. They might have it a lot harder than you would have thought. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t judge a personality by his or her race, and don’t judge a person by his or her sexuality because they’re just as much of a human as me, you, and everyone else on this planet.

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